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First of all, let`s cover the mechanism of how do wood burning hot tubs work. The warmth comes with fire so apparently in most cases a wood-fired hot tub heater is necessary. There are a few main types of heaters: mounted internally or externally. They can be made of stainless steel of various grades. Not to forget that an electric heater is an option as well.

how does wood fired hot tub work?

The principal factor is gravity. Warm water flows upwards while cold one gets down. This water movement is constant when using a wood-fired hot tub. Heaters that are used for hot tubs are designed for warmth replacement. For example, heaters which are mounted outside the hot tub has two connections. One connection is higher than another. The lower one is designed to release warm water which is taken through the higher one. This cycle is constant while heating water.

why hot tub jets not working

(1) Check the electricity supply. Jets are connected to the water or air pump which runs on electricity. (2) Inspect the water pump, it can malfunction like any other electrical parts. (3) Check the piping if there are no leaks.

So basically this is the main idea if one has a simple wood-burning hot tub without additional equipment. What is the additional equipment which could be used to increase pleasure while using a hot tub?

Woodfire hot tub with jets?

One must note that SPA equipment used for wooden hot tubs run by electricity. We offer two types of SPA units that can be referred to as jets. The first one is the air bubble massage system. This system is powered by air and has 12 jets that are installed on the benches. So the air bubbles or so to call SPA effect comes from the bottom and goes up.

The second SPA unit is hydro massage system. This system is powered by water and has 6 jets that are installed into the walls. The SPA effect here is horizontal.

What are the differences between air bubbles and hydro massage jets for the wood-fired hot tub?

It must be noted that the stronger massage effect is obtained by using water hydro massage jets. It is not only because the system is more powerful, but the massage effect is straight to one`s back.

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