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To have the most enjoyable experience while bathing and to ensure that the spa runs well for years to come, one must consider cleaning the spa a necessary task. Not to waste valuable water, by changing it frequently, one should consider special water care sets and filters. They keep the tub water clean for extended periods of time because they purify the tub water by getting rid of slime, organic particles, and bacteria.  Let us explore these ways to maintain the water clean in more detail:

How often should the water of a wood fired hot tub be changed?

After every bathe unless water cleaning solutions or filtration systems are used

should hot tub water be clear

In short, yes, and to obtain this water chemicals or filtration systems must be used.

should hot tub water be cloudy

No, water in the hot tub should not be cloudy. Consult various water treatment options

which hot tub chemicals are best

We do recommend solutions with very small chlorine amounts. AquaFinesse hot tub water treatment sets are a perfect solution to keep the water clean

why hot tub water green

It is because algae started to grow. Do not bath in such water. Change the water and use various water treatment solutions later on.

do wood fired hot tubs need chemicals

Generally, there are 2 solutions to keep the water in good condition. One can use mild chemicals or the better way is to use water purifying filters such as sand filter and UV (ultraviolet) filters.

Water care sets

If no cleaning materials are used, water should be refilled after two days of use. Good news is, there are plenty to choose from – from harsher chlorine treatments to gentler, environmentally friendly alternatives – which prevent valuable water from being wasted. We recommend using Aquafinesse – a gentle on the skin and simple water care set. This easy to use weekly treatment system balances Ph, alkalinity and sanitizes all at the same time. A pleasant addition is its lavender scent. The tablets in this set contain chlorine, which is the most reliable element for water cleansing. It should be noted, that if one chooses a chlorine treatment, they must opt for a 316-grade steel oven, as it will not be affected by the chemical and this will not lead to corrosion.

Filtration systems

Same as with water treatments, there is a wide array of filter options to choose from. Cartridge filters and sand filters remain the most popular. Sand filters require less maintenance than the cartridge, as the sand grains can last for up to 5 years before needing to be replaced. The process is simple – dirty water enters the filter, where it is cleansed of all small organic particles and debris (which are trapped in the sand grains) and then released back into the hot tub, now filtered and pure.

Finding good water treatment or filtration can do wonders for your bathing experience. When making the choice, one must make sure the water care set is compatible with one’s heater. Maintaining clean water should not be considered a tedious task – it can be very simple and quick, yet effective.

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