The review of outdoor saunas 2020 – Prices

No big decision is taken without preparation and time spent looking for the best offer. Outdoor sauna is not an everyday purchase, therefore a lot of things have to be taken into consideration, and the price is one of them. In order to help you understand the prices going on the market right now, the beginning of 2018, we decided to do a little comparison of the most similar product that we found -outdoor barrel sauna. Take a look at this table, and let’s discuss it below.

Barrel Sauna With Half Panoramic Window In Rear Wall

Barrel sauna

TimberINRoyal Tubs
CountryLithuaniaUnited Kingdom
Wood typeSpruceSpruce
External diameter220cm220cm
People capacity4-6 people4-6 people
OvenElectric heater “Harvia VEGA”HARVIA ELECTRIC
(model not indicated)
Or wood burningOr wood burning
WindowA small window in the backTwo small windows in the back
Dressing room/porch1m porch included in total sauna`s length2m porch included in total sauna`s length
DoorWooden door with windowWooden door with window
Wood treatmentOiled if assembledOiled
ChimneyIf wood burning ovenIf wood burning oven
Wooden fence in front of the heater+x
Decorative cornice++
Stainless steel rings++
Shipping unassembled+x
Total3290€ (VAT incl.) + shipping5144€ (VAT incl.)+ shipping

As you can see there are some differences in the configuration as well as in the price. As not all of the compared companies deliver unassembled outside saunas, we took the assembled sauna as an example, so the final calculated price is for the already built outdoor barrel sauna. However, it is necessary to mention that two companies, TimberIN and Garden wellness 24, offer sauna as a kit, flat packed which, most of the time, is less expensive.  We tried to make the configuration as similar as possible, however, Sauna&Badetonne produce saunas only from thermowood, Garden wellness 24 only from spruce, and even though TimberIN and Royal Tubs have both and more, we had to select one of them, to be able to compare the prices. As we have chosen spruce, the least expensive variant, please note that saunas from thermowood are more expensive, so the comparison is not that accurate. Almost all of the compared outdoor barrel saunas are of the same size, length, and diameter, only Sauna&Badetonne offers a little bit smaller one. All companies offer electric and wood-burning heaters, small windows at the back and a porch. However, the size of the porch is different, for example, Royal Tubs provides a two meters porch option, but as in all cases, the porch’s length is included in the total length. Two meters porch or changing room usually is recommended for bigger, 4 or 5 meters saunas, but there was no 1-meter option on the website. For a 3 meters sauna, 1 meter of changing room or terrace is definitely enough. Three out of four companies apply the wood treatment, whereas Garden wellness 24 does not have this option, or at least it cannot be chosen on the website when selecting the features. Usually, shipping is calculated separately for the exact location, and only Sauna&Badetonne has a precise price for the whole United Kingdom.

Sauna&BadetonneGarden wellness 24
Wood typeThermowoodSpruce
External diameter205cm220cm
People capacity4-6 people4-6 people
OvenHarvia Moderna V60E electric heater incl. remote controlElectric heater “Harvia VEGA”
Or wood burningOr wood burning
Window(If ordered) a small window in the backA small window in the back.
Dressing room/porchCa 75cm porch includedPorch included, length not identified
DoorWooden door with windowWooden door with window
Wood treatmentOiled-
ChimneyIf wood burning ovenIf wood burning oven
Wooden fence in front of the heaterx+
Decorative cornicex+
Stainless steel rings++
Shipping unassembledx+
Total4045€ (VAT incl.) + Shipping to UK 460 €3589€ (VAT incl.) + shipping
Barrel Sauna With Full Panoramic Window

To conclude, we would like to say that the intention of this article was to overview the prices on the outdoor barrel saunas market and to advise those looking for the best offer. Our opinion is based on the companies’ websites on 22nd January 2018, without placing an actual quotation.

how much does an outdoor sauna cost

The price of the outdoor sauna starts from 3000 EUR excluding the delivery. The price depends on the exact specifications like wood type, length and the accessories required.

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