The sunken – inground hot tub – jacuzzi model can have so many different looks, but the most important thing is to find out how to prepare and install it in your garden. Here you will find some useful tips and tricks about 5 different models. We hope this will be informative enough, but if you have any other questions that were not covered here, feel free to contact us.

First of all, when picking a terrace in-ground whirlpool model you need to prepare a plan. Take some time to think about technical questions, decide which area is best for your tub, where to place the heater, filter, external water tap or any other spa equipment. What type of material will be used to decorate the surrounding, or maybe you have a wooden terrace where you only need to cut out a circle and place the tub there. Then the measurements are really important, so take a closer look and choose your perfect one.

Below you will find 5 different models where you will see the similarities and differences, it should help you to prepare. First of all, we present all 5 models with technical information and drawings. Also, options that can be chosen with those models will be presented.

Wellness with child seat

Wellness With Child Seat
  • External or electric heater
  • Diameter: Inside – 1850 mm; Outside – 1999 mm;
  • Child seat measurements: width 900mm, height 550mm.
  • Height: inside 950 mm, outside 1040 mm

Wellness 360 conical walls without a child seat

Wellness 360 Conical Walls without A Child Seat
  • External or electric heater
  • Diameter: Inside – 1850 mm; Outside – 1999 mm;
  • Height: inside 950 mm, outside 1040 mm

Wellness Basic

Badtunna Terrass Trädäck Insats (2)
  • Internal or electric heater
  • Diameter: Inside – 1850 mm; Outside – 2050 mm;
  • Height: inside 850 mm, outside 940 mm

Wellness with straight walls

Wellness With Straight Walls
  • External or electric heater
  • Diameter: Inside – 1800 mm; Outside – 2080 mm;
  • Height: inside 1100 mm, outside 1110 mm

Wellness with an internal heater

Wellness With An Internal Heater
  • Internal or electric heater
  • Diameter: Inside – 1800 mm; Outside – 2080 mm;
  • Height: inside 1100 mm, outside 1110 mm

The base

Check the building requirements that vary widely depending on local law before you actually start your project. Footings and a concrete base are generally the first steps when preparing the area. If the tub is recessed in the ground, excavate the area and smooth out the ground surface, ensuring that it is level and free of unnecessary debris.

The hot tub can weigh up to 2 tonnes when filled with water, so the supporting structure must be really solid and level. Do not hang the tub on the edges as there will be not enough support.

If the hot tub is recessed down into the deck, make sure you plan for adequate access to the hot tub. Especially if you decided to go for a massage system, LED lights, filtration or electrically heated hot tub, access to them should not be restricted as maintenance and some service might be needed.

Supporting structure of a hot tub

If you opt for an electric heater, then additional wooden boards are needed. Therefore a wooden cross is also added under the tub. Please see the picture below to get a better idea of how it looks like. It will not be visible when you recess the tub, but the supportive boards will keep the electric heater stable and in place. Massage systems do not require anything extra and can be installed/mounted on the tub as it is.

Hot Tub

The drain

Terrace hot tubs can be equipped either with an external water tap or a siphon. The latter drain is similar to a water outlet in a bathtub, is also great for collecting all of the water. Installed on the floor of a terrace model, this water outlet can be opened by simply removing the plug. The other end of the siphon is a flexible hose/elbow of 46mm. This end goes under the hot tub. Make sure that the flexible hose (75cm length) is not crushed between the foundation and the hot tub base. Either the hot tub should be raised a bit to provide space for the flexible hose, or, in case the hot tub is set straight on the ground, a narrow groove, about 15cm deep, is dug in the ground to fit the flexible hose. The siphon can be installed in any part of the floor, though not in the middle if you opted for an electric heater, as the support structure is then made differently, and a wooden cross is just in the centre. Also, in a model with conical walls and internal heater, there is a spot under the heater where the siphon can be installed without bothering you as it is hardly visible there.

The external water tap is a stainless steel pipe equipped with a ball valve for hassle-free opening and closing. The standard 32mm diameter (1 inch) ensures that connecting parts if you decide to connect the outlet to a hose or a pipeline, are readily available. To empty the hot tub, simply open the valve. The external water tap is L-shaped and installed in the floor of a sunken hot tub, so it will collect every bit of water as well as the syphon. The valve sticks out from the side of the hot tub. The place can also be chosen the same as with the syphon and not in the middle if the wooden cross is needed.


Most of the time, the hot tub is delivered standing on its bottom due to its shape, in some cases, it can be put on the side and packed on the pallet*. As these tubs weigh around 100-150kg, usually unloading is done without any additional equipment. The hot tub can be carried in its horizontal

position by a group of people. You can grip on the edge and carry it to its final position. Remember that the hot tub is heavier on the oven side if it is designed for the internal oven.

  • Classic models with straight walls can be packed on a side or any model with the electric heater as there are additional boards.
  • Please inform us if the pallet is needed for unloading with forklift


The process of the installation may vary whether the hot tub is installed in an already existing terrace or a new terrace is built for the installation. The diameter of the circle in the terrace should be either 1960 mm or 2020 mm depending on the model size i.e. the exterior diameter of 2010 mm or 2080 mm. Use a jigsaw to cut the circle, carefully lower the hot tub through the cutout in the terrace. Be especially careful not to damage the drain. Ensure that the hot tub does not hang on the edges. Once the hot tub is positioned, you may connect the accessories to electric supply, make sure you have adequate access to the plugs and buttons.


 LED lights specifications:

  • 5 different colors.
  • Waterproof IPX5;
  • AC220-240V; 50/60 Hz;

There are a controller button, distribution box, and electric plug.

Air bubble massage pump

With its compact design and low noise, this pump is excellent for larger air systems. Its thermal protector is VDE/UL approved. The protection is IP45 with insulation class B. Inside is a pneumatic air switch (15A/250v). The blower is fused. The pump casing is made of high temperature resistant reinforced plastic.

The pump is connected to the system by screwing a few hoses and it also requires one electric socket. The system is turned on and off by push button.

  • LxWxH  276x168x177mm
  • VAC       230V
  • Certification       TUV-Certified
  • Power   700W
  • Sound level         <72dB
  • Connection         32mm

Hydromassage pump:

Whirlpool pump 0,9 kW  1,2 HP  230V  50Hz

Included with a coupling 50mm and tee 32x50x32mm

With pneumatic switch

The system is turned on and off by push button and there is a separate switch to control the water flow. The pump also must be connected to the system and needs an electric socket.

  • LxWxH  336x183x152mm
  • Power   0,9 kW
  • VAC 230V
  • Certification       TÜV-Certified

Electric heater

Whirlpool pump 0,55 kW  0,75 HP  230V  50Hz

Included with a coupling 50mm and tee 32x50x32mm

With pneumatic switch

  • LxWxH  306x183x152mm
  • Power   0,55 kW
  • VAC    230V
  • Certification    TÜV-Certified

The electric heater requires less maintenance while heating the outdoor hot tub because there is no need to add wood to the oven, control the fire and to clean it after using the tub. We offer electric heaters from 3 to 18 kW, it can be adjusted to single-phase power (3 and 6 kW) or three-phase power (more than 6 kW). However, due to the differences among countries laws, one should consider consulting a local electrician. An electric heater is a perfect option if there is a lack of wood in your area. There is no chimney, no smoke, no need to clean the oven afterwards. In general, the heating process is shorter compared to the wood-fired oven, however, these tubs completely depend on the electricity and must be close to the connections.

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