Neular cladding – composite decking is a revolutionary new material that we use for outdoor hot tubs

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Social-ecological responsibility in the 21st century

Environmental responsibility is a large part of the TimberIN company mentality. Even though our main manufacturing material – timber is renewable and environmentally friendly, there is always room to improve. In order to strengthen our position on the major issues that are currently afflicting the world, we have recently introduced a new material to our production process. It is the Neular paneling, which you can already find adapted into some of our goods. Neular paneling is made of discarded household plastic waste making it a 100% recycled material. As a result, it is also fully recyclable itself, does not create any additional waste and is nature-friendly.

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Electric plans for outdoor hot tubs

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Here in Europe, we all share many similarities, that are common to all of us, no matter what country we live in. However, electrical systems do not always match this criterion. Due to this fact, when purchasing electrical appliances from another country it is important to keep an eye out for the technical information and make sure that the appliances will be well suited for ones’ households’ specific electrical capabilities.

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Is wooden hot tub leaking water?

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Fully wooden, old school hot tubs are the true classic of the hot tub world. However, with all of their benefits, come a few shortcomings of the old world. As things like polypropylene, fiberglass and other similar man-made materials were not available at the time, wood was trusted to create the shell of the tub. The natural features of wood cause it to distort over time, as the moisture level around it fluctuates. This can often cause some issues, the main of which is without a doubt leaking water.

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The purchase process of the outdoor sauna and hot tub

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Although these days online shopping has become quite the norm, many people still have a certain stigma attached to buying online. This perceived risk exponentially grows when purchasing an expensive item like a hot tub or a sauna. This blog article is meant to explain the TimberIN purchase process and hopefully clear out any doubt our future clients may have. The purchase process would look like this:

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How long do wood fired hot tubs take to heat


When purchasing a hot tub the rather extensive selection regarding the various parts may be daunting for some. For this very reason, we at TimberIN try to make this process as simple, informative and smooth as possible. One of the most frequent inquiries of our clients is the expected heat generation of the electric heaters available. To explain what one may expect when purchasing an electric heater, we have prepared this theoretical heat calculation model. Please keep in mind, that the information provided is based on zero heat loss.

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