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Hot Tubs Wood Burning UK

Moderate updates and changes are a great way to keep your home up-to-date and exciting for your family. If you’ve felt that your home life needs remodeling, the spark you’ve been looking for might be TimberIN hot tubs wood burning. Hot tubs will give your loved ones a great chance to spend time together and appreciate the calming benefits of a hot tub – all from the comfort of your backyard.

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At TimberIN we offer a wide selection of fiberglass hot tubs wood burning for 6-8 persons. The shells can be cladded in various types of wood or left uncladded to be sunken into the ground or terrace. In addition to the assortment of wood types, we also offer an environmentally-conscious option of man-made material paneling. It is the Neular paneling, which is made of discarded household plastic waste making it a 100% recycled material. As a result, it is also fully recyclable itself, does not create any additional waste, and is nature-friendly. Such unique material exhibits quite unique key features as well. Some of the most relevant to outdoor hot tubs are weather resistance. The external paneling made of Neular material is waterproof, which means even if it rains all year round, the panels will form any mold, nor deform or swell in any way. On the opposite side of the spectrum, the panels are also UV resistant, which means even if there is intense direct sunlight contact 24/7, they will not be damaged. Physical damage is also less likely to be visible as the panels do not splinter and can withstand a large amount of weight. The material is safe, hygienic, and non-toxic, which is perfect for hot tubs. It requires very little if any maintenance and is stain-free.

Hot tub wood burning uk

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Key benefits of having fiberglass hot tubs wood burning

Insulation is recommended for hot tubs wood burning

Wood-burning hot tubs with fiberglass liner can be insulated not only from the bottom and sides of the tub but from the top as well via an insulated fiberglass lid which is molded to fit the tub perfectly. This provides a significant reduction of heat loss, which, in the long term, will save you a lot of time, money, and effort.

Easy cleaning

As the fiberglass surface is notably smoother than that of a wooden hot tub, it has way fewer of various cracks or gaps for muck to get stuck in. The flat surface makes it easy to clean with a simple rag and water. It also doesn’t provide a suitable environment for algae and other bacteria to spread.

Bubble systems installed in garden hot tubs

Fiberglass hot tubs can easily be equipped with various systems to improve your bathing experience. Be it a message system to provide a jacuzzi sensation or a filtration system to alleviate the burden of maintenance even further.

Water efficiency

The rounded walls of the fiberglass models remove a lot of volumes that is not being used efficiently, for example, the room under the benches. The liner also abolishes any possibility of leaks, that is more prevalent to its fully wooden counterparts.

Long service life of a fiberglass hot tub

Just like the hull of a boat, a fiberglass hot tub is something that will last you a long time. Whereas fully wooden tubs can be worn down by the changes in temperature and moisture levels, the fiberglass is affected significantly less by the change of seasons. That is not to imply, that it does not dull over time, however, the time frame is much wider. Furthermore, every 15 years the surface can be restored to its former glory within a few hours with specialized buffing equipment. Additionally, any scratches can also be sanded and buffed out.

Fiberglass hot tubs wood burning are lightweight

A fiberglass model, even when cladded in hardwood such as larch, generally ends up being lighter than a fully wooden tub of the same size. This comes down to the fiberglass model not needing a thick wooden base plate. If the fiberglass model is without the cladding, then it’s even less heavy – potentially up to two times lighter than the fully wooden one.

Fiberglass hot tubs are non-corrosive

For those using salt-based purification systems or simply saltwater, it may be difficult to choose a hot tub that will not be negatively affected by the sodium in the water. Wood, although a fine choice, will be weakened in the long term, whereas, steel tubs, even if stainless, will corrode if damaged even slightly. One can judge the salt resistance of fiberglass by how many hundreds of boats remain in saltwater seas year after year.

Something to consider before owning a fiberglass hot tub wood burning

Higher price – due to the expensive nature of the manufacturing process and the materials that are required for the molding of a fiberglass hot tub, it is naturally more expensive than its various counterparts.

Limited forms and customization – manufacturing a fiberglass hot tub is an extensive process that requires specialized molds which are expensive to make and maintain. One mold can cost anywhere in the frame of 40000 – 50000 euros. Any small change in the form or size of the tub requires a new mold. Due to this fact, the shape and sizes of fiberglass tubs are not as customizable as saying wooden or polypropylene ones. More information.

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Easy cleaning




Water efficiency



  • Higher price
  • Limited forms and customization

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