Our website system is highly customizable, please come up with your desired model as close as possible and send us a simulation via our system. Please note that this is not a real order and you will not be asked to pay for your simulation which we receive. This system was created to make the communication easier. Once we receive your simulation and your comments about what should be changed or added (if any), we will adjust the price and contact you in 24-48 hours. After you make a simulation, you will receive the letter with your order (simulation) number.

If you already have your desired model selected:

1. Please add it to the basket by clicking the green button in the end near every model;
2. Now you have your selection in the basket, which can be found in the very top right corner of the website;
3. Later follow step by step suggestions and fill the required fields. Please note that you will not be asked to fill any of your personal data. We would only need the delivery address to know the exact shipping price.

The purchase process:

  1. Discussion about the particular model (we will contact you in 24 hours or less);
  2. The contract between the Customer and the Company is signed;
  3. We send the invoice in 24 hours;
  4. All the required information in order to make a payment will be provided in the invoice.