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Here at TimberIN, we are ready to offer affordable and long-lasting outdoor saunas for your garden! Similar to wood-fired hot tubs, our outside sauna is a great addition to your backyard. We offer more than 10 different models including outdoor mobile saunas too. Don’t wait any longer, choose your wooden sauna below!

Outdoor Saunas on Wheels

For almost ten years now, we have been supplying our customers in all of Europe. Whether you want to buy a classic barrel outdoor sauna, a beautifully designed pod outside sauna, or wondering about a modern garden sauna with wood or an electric stove, in our wide assortment you are guaranteed to find something you’re looking for! We also do bespoke models so if you want an outside sauna built with LED lighting, outside a little terrace with small benches, an interior changing room, beautifully integrated panoramic windows we can get one for you! Not enough space in your backyard? No problem – we also offer a vertical outdoor sauna or an outdoor sauna for 2 persons to fit almost anywhere!

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Outdoor saunas – outside saunas that would last for years to come!

All of our outdoor saunas come with the finest quality electrical Finnish Harvia or wood-fired heaters. At TimberIN Hot Tubs, our experts believe in making masterpieces for our clients with excellent quality material, design, and craftsmanship. Our garden saunas are also customizable to cater to the needs and demands of our customers to deliver the ultimate customer delight.

Relax your heart out in our classic outside sauna with LED lighting, equipped with an internal changing room in our Outdoor Barrel Sauna. You can also choose to invest in mesmerizing shingles, steeple roofs, or artesian windows. Our qualified and experienced staff will make your sauna according to your requirements and demands. If you are confused about getting a sauna due to a lack of space, then we can arrange a vertical sauna for you. 

Looking for the outside sauna to accommodate big family needs? How about having our signature square sauna? The fantastic design and structure make it not only aesthetic for your backyard but also spacious to accommodate up to six people. Isn’t it the perfect way to entertain your guests? Customization is something that adds personalization to your asset. So while investing in the outside sauna, why not customize it according to your needs and aesthetic requirements? From lighting to heating models, shower rooms, and wood treatment, we design and craft everything to match your expectations. Not only the design, but we also offer variety in the material used to match your taste.

Outdoor sauna on wheels? Yes, it is completely possible with TimberIN to have your own portable sauna. At TimberIN Hot Tubs, we specialize in making small size mobile wooden saunas to extend your usage. Our smart construction designing and craftsmanship allow you to take your sauna with you wherever you want!

If you think that with all the customization and personalization options, you cannot afford a wooden sauna of your own, then you are completely wrong. Offering customization to our clients is part of our tradition, but it doesn’t make having a sauna of your own difficult. Need
proof? How about contacting us to discuss your requirements and delivery
arrangements? Call us today as we are eager to hear from you!

A classic outdoor barrel sauna, what is it?

As the name suggests, the look of the barrel sauna resembled that of a wine barrel. A barrel sauna provides the necessary idyll and creates a relaxed atmosphere. Of course, the barrel sauna is available in different sizes and configurations. You yourself can determine the equipment of the sauna. No matter what additional requests you have, we will consider you in the production to the best extent possible.

Both saunas have the advantage that they require little space and visually are a perfect complement to the garden. Whether as a rustic element or an ancient counterpart to the modern property: If you buy an outdoor sauna, opt for a visual highlight.

In our wide assortment, you will find many variations regarding the configurations of the outdoor sauna. A popular idea is, for example, the barrel sauna with a wood stove. An ideal combination!

The garden sauna

A garden sauna compared to the barrel sauna has the advantage that in terms of size more options are available. A garden sauna is often a small hut, which is built with an extra foundation.

A garden sauna with a wood stove is ideal for spending relaxing hours in nature and treating the body to a well-deserved relaxation. Warmth on the skin, pleasant smells, calm – what more could you want? In the production of the outdoor sauna great importance is given to natural products. After all, most of our customers are as great nature lovers as we are.

Not infrequently, the outdoor sauna is called a sauna house. The term is not completely outlandish if you decide to build a larger hut. Of course, a larger sauna means more comfort and space as well as other possibilities to decorate the sauna house accordingly. Some examples of individual facilities and unique configurations can be found in pictures and reports of former clients on our website. There are (almost) no limits to your imagination!

We look forward to assisting you if you want to buy an outdoor sauna!

Outside garden sauna construction options

The outdoor sauna with a shower

A shower together with a garden sauna or an outdoor hot tub is quite a popular choice. The shower can be positioned either inside or outside as a separate unit of the outdoor sauna. If one opts for a shower inside the garden sauna, then normally it is installed in the entrance area which is separated from the main sauna`s room. It is important to foresee the water drainage together with a shower. Water should not be kept on the ground to avoid fast wood deterioration. The more popular choice is the external wooden shower.

Garden saunas with wood stoves or electric heaters

The main thing to consider when choosing outdoor saunas or barrel saunas is the heating source. The most popular are wood-fired Harvia stoves (not to mix with wood-burning hot tub water heaters since they are separate units). Simplicity and style are the factors making them so popular. If the fumes are not allowed in your area, you could consider electric Harvia heaters as well. The constructions are simpler since electric barrel saunas don’t have chimneys and other sophisticated roof waterproofing parts. The main difference between electric and wood-fired Harvia heaters is the power measurement. The power of an electric heater is described as kW. The kilowatt (kW) is equal to one thousand watts. This unit is typically used to express the output power of engines and the power of electric motors, tools, machines, and heaters. It is important to know how one calculates the costs of running the electric garden sauna. Each electric heater has its own power consumption level. One must pay attention to how many kW does the heater has. Normally they come from 3 kW to more than 10 kW depending on the model. Let’s take 6 kW as an example. If you have been to the outdoor sauna-barrel sauna for 3 hours running the heater on maximum power, you end up consuming 18 kW of electricity (6 kW * 3 hours = 18 kW/h). The next step is to check your local electricity bills. Let’s say one is charged 0,2 EUR per kW/h, so the total price would be only 3,6 EUR.

All electric heaters used to heat the garden saunas or barrel saunas are equipped with a thermostat so one is easily able to reach the required temperature and adjust it. The power supply which is needed depends on the power of the electric heaters. Units with up to 6 kW can be powered by a single-phase 220 – 230 V cable line. More powerful ones are supplied by 3 phase 380 V cable.

Wood-fired outdoor garden saunas can be completely off the grid. One doesn’t need any electrical supply to power them up. The drawback is that you can’t adjust the temperature with such ease as in the electric outdoor sauna. So how can we adjust the temperature inside the barrel sauna and how can we describe the power of the wood-burning sauna heater? Well, wood-burning sauna heaters don’t have such an indicator describing the power levels as electric ones do. While the electric ones are described by kW, the wood-burning heaters are classified by the size and the number of stones that the burner can contain. Stones act as heat accumulators and as more stones there are, the more heat will be spread across the sauna. The temperature of the wood-burning outdoor sauna can be set only by the amount of wood that one puts in the heater`s hatch. If there is too much heat inside, one can always open the windows or doors to make proper ventilation.

Wood-fired heaters can be equipped with internal or external hatches (the place where you put wood). The external hatch is a perfect way to load wood without interfering with the people inside. This is particularly useful for hotels or bed & breakfast to serve their clients.  

Outdoor saunas – barrel saunas with a changing room

Changing rooms in outdoor saunas are quite a common choice. It is nice to have some spare place to leave your clothes before entering the sauna. The size may vary from 1 m to approximately 2 m. In order to better understand the construction, we give an example. Say, you select the sauna which is 4 m long having 1.5 m of changing room. This type of garden sauna would be ideal for 4-5 persons since the main sauna`s area is 2.5 m long and the remaining 1.5 m is the changing room. The changing room is separated from the main sauna room with wooden or glass doors. If there is only a small space available in your garden, one can give up a changing room and have the full-size main sauna room. Optionally, the changing room, as well as the main sauna area, can be illuminated by some LED lights built-in under the benches. Changing rooms of the outdoor saunas and barrel saunas are built from the same wood and require no additional or different materials. If you do have sufficient space in your garden, we always advise having the changing room inside the barrel sauna. It is much more convenient.

The wooden sauna with a terrace or a porch

The porch is another great addition to your wooden sauna. It is very comfortable to avoid instant wind or just calmly sit after a great sauna session. The length of a porch may vary but the most popular choice is 1 m. So again, having a sauna with a total length of 4 m including 1 m porch, you are left with a 3 m main sauna area. Porches of the garden saunas are usually built with side benches and covered with the roof.

The outdoor sauna – barrel saunas for 2, 4, 6 or 8 persons. Let’s compare the sizes

When it comes to the question of how many people would one or another garden sauna hold, it is not very easy to answer. It very much depends on the size of the person but in this case, let’s take an average-sized 175 cm tall weighing approx. 80 kg person. The 2 m long garden sauna would comfortably fit 2 persons, 3 m – would fit 4 persons and 4 m long outdoor sauna would sit 6 or more persons. The type of garden sauna whether it is barrel or pod does not influence the number of people comfortably sitting inside. On the other hand, the rectangular sauna of the same length fits more people since the walls are straight. 2, 4 person saunas are the most popular choice for small families, while 4 or more meters saunas are usually being chosen by hotels or various bed & breakfast facilities.

Picking a site for the outdoor saunas – barrel saunas

When building an outdoor sauna in your garden, it’s important to pick the right place. You want a space that is relaxing and somewhat secluded. After all, you don’t want your neighbors catching a peek at you in your sauna! Make sure the space you choose is large enough to comfortably house the room and is far enough away from your home to not pose a hazard. You may or may not need a permit to build your sauna depending on where you live.

Essentially, any site that is suitable for a shed will also be suitable for a sauna. In the event that the ground cannot be leveled, your sauna can be raised using blocks or a small foundation. Some designs allow you to partially bury the base of the sauna, giving greater freedom for placing it. Basically, each sauna comes with an already pre-built wooden foundation that means you only need to level the surface and ensure the proper ventilation under it. Surely, the sauna can be seated on a wooden terrace or some kind of patio. The material is not much important. Each sauna has its own foundation measurements that your ground construction should meet in order to nicely position it.

To sum up, the outdoor saunas are an excellent luxury item for the garden

Outdoor saunas or camping glamping pods are also an excellent addition to the outside of a house. Do it yourself (DIY) outdoor saunas are available that can be built by the homeowners themselves. The space per person depends on the number of people the outdoor sauna is supposed to seat.

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