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Outdoor hot tubs with polypropylene liner for sale

Polypropylene-slider-2 Outdoor hot tubs with polypropylene liner for sale
Polypropylene-slider-1 Outdoor hot tubs with polypropylene liner for sale
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Why should one choose polypropylene (PP) hot tubs:

  • Complete thermal insulation is possible (wall insulation + bottom insulation + lid insulation);
  • Various sizes and forms possible. Round models (for 4-12 persons); Rectangular models (for 6-16 persons); Ofuro type baths (for 2 persons);
  • Unique system to design an individual PP model (see the option above);
  • Easy cleaning and maintenance;
  • Complete SPA system installation possible (air bubble massage system + water massage system + LED lights);
  • Much lighter compared to wooden hot tubs. Weight: 160-180 kg. Manageable by a few men;
  • Benches may come in 3 different styles: polypropylene (PP) closed (saves water); PP open benches (more space for legs); wooden benches (more natural);
  • Water capacity: from 1000 l (ofuro design) to more than 4000 l (rectangular design);
  • Beautiful round, wide, wooden top edge;
  • No structural leakage;
  • 3 available PP colors (black, grey and blue);
  • Long service life;
  • 5 different wood types possible (Siberian spruce; larch; thermo wood; oak and red cedar).

What to consider:

  • Welding seams might be slightly visible;
  • Walls are constructed completely vertically. Conical walls may be more comfortable like in fiberglass wellness models;
  • Not completely natural product due to polypropylene interior frame;
  • Price is slightly higher compared to wooden hot tubs.
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