Hi Albert,

We were initially a little worried about purchasing our hot tub from abroad but the excellent communication from Albert, Deimante, Ona and the team and the partial protection offered by Paypal reassured us.

The hot-tub was ready to our specification within exactly the timeframes promised and a date for delivery was arranged within a week of our final payment being sent. The delivery driver from the Lithuanian courier company they used was very helpful and spoke perfect English which helped as we live in quite a difficult to find location.

We opted for a Siberian Larch 2m diameter tub and although we went for the more basic model, I was very impressed with the build quality and all the fittings and pipework is obviously good quality. We had the tub fitted to the wood burner in little over an hour and all pipework etc was included. As with all wood hot tubs, there was a small amount of leakage for the first few days where the sides meet the base (none at all seeping from the sides) but after a couple of very toasty evenings, the leaks have completely stopped. (They recommend throwing in a bag of sawdust initially to help plug tiny gaps but in the end, we didn’t need to do this.)

All in all, everything went very well for us and value for money was excellent (even with the poor exchange rate of the GBP at the moment). I would definitely recommend TimberIn.

Wales, UK

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