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Garden Sauna Pod Iglu – Your Architectural Masterpiece for Outdoor Bliss

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Discover the virtues of our Garden Sauna Pod with anteroom and wood stove – the perfect architectural highlight for your garden.

Why Choose This Model?

With its innovative Iglu-Pod style, our outdoor sauna not only embodies functionality but also boasts impressive design. The modern structure seamlessly integrates into any garden landscape, making it a true eye-catcher.

Diverse Design Options:

Choose from various lengths, ranging from 2m to 5m, suitable for 2 to 12 persons. The sauna can be crafted from high-quality spruce wood or Thermowood, tailored to your preferences.

Inclusive Features:

The sauna comes equipped with benches, an entrance door, and a small glass window. Opt for the Harvia M3 wood stove or the electric Harvia Cilindro 9 KW heater – both including stones. Optional insulation is available, highly recommended if the sauna incorporates a panoramic window.

Flexibility in Design:

Tailor the length of the changing room between 1 and 1.5 meters. A front porch with side benches can also be integrated. For example, choose a 4m sauna with a 1m changing room and a 1m front porch, resulting in a total length of 4m.

Additional Features:

  • Customize with an impressive side entrance.
  • Create a captivating atmosphere with LED lights under the benches and Harvia lamps.
  • Panoramic windows can occupy the back wall by 50%, 80%, or 100%.
  • Choose roof shingles in Black, Brown, or Green.

Easy Kit Delivery:

Best of all, this sauna can be delivered as a kit, facilitating straightforward transportation and uncomplicated assembly in your garden. Experience serene moments in your uniquely designed Garden Sauna Pod – your personal sanctuary in the green outdoors. Transform your relaxation rituals with a touch of architectural elegance. Order now for a harmonious blend of style and tranquility.

Technical sheets and 3D visualizations

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Igloo Expand 3d

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  1. Joe

    Hello yes its all build and my wife had a sauna last week. I will take a few photos when I get back to England.

    Image #1 from Joe
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  2. Camerom

    Hi Albertas,

    Finally got the sauna assembled.. A few photos of he cabin in action on Christmas day!

    We love it.



    Image #1 from Camerom
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  3. Darren

    Review for Outdoor Garden Sauna Igloo Design
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Image #1 from Darren
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  4. Philip

    Review for Outdoor Garden Sauna Igloo Design
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Image #1 from Philip
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  5. Paul

    Review for Outdoor Garden Sauna Igloo Design
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Image #1 from Paul
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  6. Peter

    Hi Albertas

    Feedback and pictures as requested. When I started looking for a wood-fired sauna I mainly found companies selling barrel saunas. Once I found TimberIN’s website with their igloo sauna I was impressed by the design and space inside compared to the barrel sauna. Initially, I was unsure about buying from abroad but after a few initial email conversations with Albertas I felt comfortable enough to proceed. The order process was simple and made easy by using PayPal also giving me extra peace of mind in case of any problems. I even asked Albertas if some changes could be made to raise one of the benches to create a higher platform. The order process proceeded as described by TimberIN. They contacted me once the sauna was ready to ship and an agreed delivery date was arranged. The delivery driver called an hour before delivery to ensure I was at home. The 2 guys who delivered the sauna were very helpful and polite and unloaded it where I requested. I ordered my sauna flat packed as I was unable to get the sauna to its position using a forklift. The instructions that came with the sauna were basic and construction was relatively straightforward although I would not recommend this for a novice as construction requires a reasonable level of competence and the appropriate tools. Construction was completed over 2 days although I did take my time ensuring that I made a professional job. The wood-fired heater is very efficient and more than capable of heating the space to a good temperature. The sauna is ready to use after about 30 minutes and stays hot for about an hour if you do not feed the fire any further.

    I have now used the sauna on 3 occasions since construction and I am very happy with the product that I selected. The overall experience of dealing with TimberIN has been a good one and I could not recommend purchasing from them highly enough. The highest recommendation I can give is that if someone asked me if I would buy another product from TimberIN I would without hesitation say yes and I would feel very comfortable knowing I would receive a top quality product at a competitive price. Any initial doubts I had regarding purchasing a sauna from abroad have been proved by TimberIN to be unfounded.

    Thank you Albertas and your team.

    Image #1 from Peter
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  7. Philips

    Review for Outdoor Garden Sauna Igloo Design
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Image #1 from Philips
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  8. Anna

    Good evening Ruta and Albert

    I am just letting you know that we have received our sauna! Many thanks for everything, it looks great! Unfortunately, we will not be able to use it for a while as we had difficulties getting it off the lorry as it was a lot heavier than we thought so our forklift was not strong enough. We have had to unload it at my husband’s fathers farm and it will have to stay there until harvest has taken place and we can put it into place with a larger machine which will mean we are only moving it once, so it does not get damaged. However please rest assured we have unloaded it and it is safe here!

    I have sent you a photo of the sauna on the trailer and where we will situate it. I will send you more when we finally have it in its right home! We are very excited to use it and are impressed with the quality of workmanship we have seen so far, obviously, we have not been able to test it out fully yet.

    Kind regards


    Image #1 from Anna
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  9. Olivier

    Hello, its Olivier from London. The sauna is great, I am just going to modify it a bit. I am going to make the place where you sit higher to get more steam access. I will make other better pictures and will send soon.



    Image #1 from Olivier
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  10. Matt

    Review for Outdoor Garden Sauna Igloo Design
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Image #1 from Matt
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  11. Lloyd

    Review for Outdoor Garden Sauna Igloo Design
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Image #1 from Lloyd
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  12. Stephan

    Dear Albertas

    A few small things to do – but almost done.

    Best regards from Austria


    Image #1 from Stephan
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  13. Michael

    Hello Albertas,

    in the appendix y’ll find some photos from my saunahouse

    in sweden. It look’s good and it’s quit well in function.

    So we hope we can enjoy it for the future 🙂

    Best regards


    Image #1 from Michael
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  14. Marcus

    Hello TimberIn-Team,

    the sauna is delivered 🙂
    I will so some small modifications, too .
    Then I will send some pics more.
    At weekend we will do the first attempt.

    Thanks to all

    Image #1 from Marcus
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  15. Colin

    Sauna up for a few weeks now and working well
    Thanks for support

    Image #1 from Colin
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  16. Robert

    Hi Albert,

    Sorry, it took so long, finally got round to getting photos. Had to wait 12 months before I could start building the sauna. Then it was a tricky site (particularly getting that big glass window up to the site and in on the edge of a cliff on a windy day!).

    Kind Regards,

    Image #1 from Robert
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  17. Arend-Jan

    So glad!
    Here some pics for Instagram

    Image #1 from Arend-Jan
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  18. Andrew

    Dear Albert,
    It has been now a good few months that we have had the use of our sauna and hot tub. The sauna works perfectly and we are very happy – I believe we have sent you pictures in the past? I attach another picture for you of how both the sauna and hot tub are now happily sitting in our garden.

    Image #1 from Andrew
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  19. Greg and Annie

    Hello Evelina and nice folks at TimberIN
    Because we were doing quite a few things to our house, we could only get electrics in and the sauna completed and commissioned today, after many months.

    We’re thrilled with it, proud of it and it makes the property here terribly special.

    It sits in a small wooded area just by the house, overlooking our Lough Derg below here in the West of Ireland which you can see if you blow it up…with guest horses peeking in the window…. and if you do blow up the photograph of the window looking out, you’ll see our stone circle and far below on the first island a 10th C round tower and ancient monastery–to become a UNESCO world heritage site soon.

    We couldn’t be more pleased and thought you’d enjoy–finally–seeing the sauna constructed with a couple of little additions.

    Many thanks

    Image #1 from Greg and Annie
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