Outdoor garden jacuzzi hot tub special offer

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Outdoor garden jacuzzi hot tub special offer

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Our top priority is to serve every single customer as best as possible. We are convinced that every homeowner should enjoy owning a wonderful hot tub and spending many unforgettable moments with family and friends. Sometimes, however, the budget is the biggest obstacle when buying such a product.

TimberIN company proudly launches this model, which is the perfect size for 6-8 people, includes beautifully built wooden benches, thermally insulated walls, and is equipped with LED lights. All of these great options are pre-selected for an unbeatable price.

How does the production process go and how long does it take? The lead time (production and delivery) is around 4 weeks (subject to change), but in most cases, this takes place faster. As soon as your model is ready for delivery, you will be informed in advance by our transport manager so that the delivery time can be agreed upon!

We really thought of everything, didn’t we? Read the detailed description below and secure your hot tub while it is still available!

The internal stove is made of 316 stainless steel, resistant to water treatment chemicals!

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Technical sheets and 3D visualizations

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Please note that the hot tub would be delivered with an 18 m, 40t truck. Possibility to deliver with a smaller truck (3,5t) in the London area.