Outdoor Hobbit-style wooden sauna

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Outdoor Hobbit-style wooden sauna

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Finding the right outdoor sauna for you can be very important. But with so many different designs out there, it can be hard to figure out which one suits your needs the most. What you have to ensure is that you find something which fits your free space, which is easy to use, but also adaptable to your needs. This hobbit design is amazing, it’s a very impressive outdoor sauna that has all the features you need and so much more in a simple and engaging package.

Unique hobbit design

If you saw the Lord of the Rings or Hobbit movies, you will immediately appreciate the hobbit-inspired design. On top of that, the sauna itself is made for anywhere from 4 to 8 persons. It’s versatile and adaptable to any of your needs, while still being very easy to use and customizable. Plus, there are 2 versions, you have a canopy at the top of the entrance door, and there’s also a model without that. It’s incredible, interesting, and distinct, so a great investment for any outdoor sauna lover.

2 different rooms

This hobbit design sauna has 2 rooms (sauna area ~2m and a dressing room ~1.8m). The total external length is 4 m. You have the dressing room where you can unwind, and then there’s also the dedicated sauna room. If you want, you can add an electric heater or a HARVIA wood burner. It helps quite a bit since it delivers an engaging and empowering experience while pushing the process to new heights every time. It just doesn’t get any better than this, which is something to take into consideration.

Large, comprehensive hobbit sauna

The unit has 4 meters in length, and it’s also 2 meters in width. This delivers the optimal size for you, making it a stellar sauna experience. It helps offer that sense of quality and immersion, and you will find yourself enjoying the process. On top of that, you have a glass door between the rooms and a round front glass. This way you have the lighting you need. We believe having natural light is very important, and this helps quite a bit.

High-quality materials

The product is made out of thermo wood or spruce, depending on the material you want to go for. It’s also important to note that you can have 2 level benches that help you stretch or lay down the way you want.

It comes mounted or as a kit

You are free to choose if you want the unit mounted already or if you want to mount it yourself. If you want the latter, it comes as a kit that you can enjoy using right away.

If you’re looking for a different, unique type of sauna, then this is the right one for you. The hobbit design is amazing, it makes the sauna stand out, while still being versatile and a pleasure to use. It also has great roofing and it withstands the elements, so it’s a perfect outdoor sauna for you and your entire family. Try it out today and you will not be disappointed with it!

*Decorative parts and doors of the sauna due to better hardness are always produced from spruce but painted in sauna wood matching color.

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**Sauna room = area excluding dressing room or canopy (if any)

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