Outdoor wooden shower after hot tub or sauna

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Outdoor wooden shower after hot tub or sauna:

Simple, but very useful construction, that is inseparable from sauna rituals. Cold shower after a sauna session is very important if you want to feel the real benefits of the sauna as it releases tension in your body. This shower comes already equipped with a showerhead and hose, you just need to make a water connection. Roof, door, and light are optional and you may also choose a wood type, for example, matching your sauna.

  1. Wood type: Siberian Spruce, Larch or Thermo-wood (choose below);
  2. Impregnated outside walls;
  3. Stainless steel clamping bands;
  4. Showerhead with hose;
  5. Diameter: 1000 mm;
  6. Height: 2040 mm;
  7. Height with roof: 2490 mm.
  8. Wall thickness: 42 mm.

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