Oval wooden outdoor barrel sauna

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Oval wooden outdoor barrel sauna

Due to popular demand, we here at TimberIN would like to introduce a new addition to our available sauna selection. It is the Oval-type sauna.

This sauna stands out in a crowd with its curved walls and unique terrace area. The curved sides minimize the space required for a base, while expanding the interior of the sauna, giving the use of the additional room. The cozy terrace area provides a place to relax while enjoying the fresh air.

The inside of the structure is divided into two rooms – a sauna room and a changing room. This provides a calm place to prepare for the sauna. No longer will you have to walk through the cold weather to change clothes, now you can do it in your very own sauna, that can fit in any garden or backyard. The sauna room is equipped with double-level benches, which provide not only more room, but an option to regulate the heat one wishes to be exposed to.

This sauna is available both fully assembled and disassembled, for those who have a limited access way or just want to enjoy the process of building it yourself.

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