Package DEAL! Red Cedar Royal SPA + double heating system!


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Product Description

Red Cedar Polypropylene Model with External + Electric Heaters and Overflow system

The name talks for itself, exclusive Canadian red cedar spa for those who know what an exceptional quality and style mean. Just look at the shades of the cedar, you can immediately see the difference from other wood types. Red Cedar is the best thermal insulator among the commonly available softwood species and is far superior to brick, concrete and steel. Properly finished and maintained, cedar will deliver decades of trouble-free service. This is your possibility to feel unique and exceptional with this luxurious model.

Package Deal! Includes:

  • Total height: 1040 mm;
  • Height of the benches: 320 mm;
  • Wood type: Red cedar;
  • 2 clamping bands made of stainless steel;
  • Lid: wooden, made of red cedar;
  • Luxury round wooden edge;
  • Color: Black;
  • Diameter: 2200 mm;
  • Outside stainless steel (316) wood-fired heater;
  • Additional electric heater 6kW;
  • Stairs: C Type;
  • Type of benches: Polypropylene closed benches;
  • Insulation options: Wall + Bottom + Lid insulation;
  • Hydro massage system + 1 LED;
  • Sand filtration system + Wooden Box;
  • External water outlet;
  • External water inlet
  • Water overflow fitting.