TimberTemp® – Smart 3D Printed Thermometer by TimberIN


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TimberTemp® – Smart 3D Printed Thermometer by TimberIN

How does it work?



The thermometer is accompanied by an app “TimberTemp®”, which you can download for free from the Google Play store for Android or from iTunes for iOs devices. Connect the thermometer to your phone through Bluetooth, place it in the tub and follow the temperature changes in the app. The app allows you to set how often you would like the thermometer to report temperature and to set notifications. Say you would like the water to heat up to 38°C. Simply set this temperature on the app and it will notify you when the water heats up. This feature is also very useful during the colder months. If you are worried that water left in the hot tub may freeze overnight, set the temperature to 0°C and you will be notified if it cools down to this temperature and water needs to be emptied (please note: this feature is fully functioning on the Android app and currently being perfected on the iOs app).

The Bluetooth thermometer is 3D printed from PLA – biodegradable and bioactive thermoplastic polyester, derived from renewable sources. Thermometers may differ in colour: shells can come in silver or gold and the bases can be in black or white.


Get this thermometer for free! What you would have to do:

  • To purchase fibreglass hot tub model from our production list;
  • To take a photo of enjoying it in your garden;
  • To share the picture and the feedback on Instagram or Facebook by tagging us and send a screenshot to us as a proof;
  • And we will send thermometer to your address free of charge.

195 in stock