Wood burnign external stove for hot tubs budget model

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Product Description

Wood burning external stove for hot tubs budget model

This external wood burner comes already premade with 316 stainless steel, which means the heater is resistant to chlorine and salts.

  • Material: Stainless steel 316 (AISI 316 1-1.5mm); Chlor and salts resistant!
  • Power: 20 kW (for 1600 – 1800 mm diameter hot tub);
  • Weight: 30 kg;
  • Measurements: 20 kW – Width: 410 mm; Height: 498 mm; Length: 600 mm; 30 kg;

Included in delivery:

  1. The external heater in 316 stainless steel!;
  2. Ashes collector;
  3. Grid of the furnace;
  4. Connecting piece;
  5. Chimney’s muff;
  6. 2 parts of the chimney, total 2m;
  7. Chimney`s hat.
  • Use dry wood, which should be divided into smaller parts and humidity should be less than 10%. High humidity reduces the powerfulness of the heater because sediments appear on the surface. Besides, try to avoid alder wood, especially if it’s wet. Also, when the wet wood is being burned, it may cause steam to appear, which may give you the impression that the heater might be leaking.
  • The logs should be around 40-42 centimetres long. If you want to reach the highest heating power you should take care of equal wood distribution which expands through hatch’s grid surface.
  • Open air’s transmission through hatch’s doors at the maximum and take out the ash collector when the heater is on. Only half or less of wood capacity should be used when starting the heater to ensure efficient burning.
  • You should put wood into the heater every 20 – 30 minutes.
  • Keep track of the grid of the heater, if they are in the right position. The properly installed grid can reduce the amount of ash formation.

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