A Wooden Barrel For Wine, Whisky Or Beer

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A Wooden Barrel For Wine, Whisky or Beer

A new addition to our assortment of hand-crafted wooden goods – a wooden barrel for wine, whisky or beer – is now for sale! Take part in a centuries-old tradition with your very own small oak barrel.

First employed by the Gauls to transport beer on their travels, the oak wine barrel has been popularised by the Romans, who exchanged heavy and fragile amphorae for compact wooden barrels to store their wine. As time went on, the Romans realised that the oak barrels were not only a good storage solution but also had an impact on the taste of the wine stored in these small wooden wine barrels.

Wooden wine barrels are made from top quality oak, without using glue or any other artificial materials, just pure wood and stainless steel bands to tighten the panels together. European oak used for the wooden barrels, when in contact with the beverage, softens it and makes it smoother, while also infusing the wine with additionals scents and flavours. The longer the wine stays in the wooden cask, the more it absorbs from the oak barrel. Red wines acquire a more vivid colour overtime, while white wines reach a golden amber shade. By maturing wine in an oak barrel, one may create a completely uniquely tasting drink.

The same applies to other beverages, such as whisky or beer, the taste of which can also greatly benefit from maturing in an oak barrel. The latter is traditionally aged in a whisky cask to infuse the whisky with flavours from the oak. With a small wooden cask, you can do this at home and enrich a whisky with unique flavours yourself. Wooden oak barrels also can be used to conveniently store larger amounts of beer. The oak will darken the colour of the beer and enrich it with flavours from the wood, creating one‘s very own homemade craft beer.

Apart from its main function as a scent and flavour infuser, a wooden wine barrel is also a very decorative piece and is a great gift idea. Whether the barrel will be used as a whisky cask, wine barrel or beer barrel, it will certainly be a standout piece in any home. What is more, the oak barrel can be used repeatedly; over time, the scent and flavour provided by the wooden cask will soften and subtly change, each time to produce a different tasting wine, whisky or beer. Start your own traditions!