I have chosen my desired model, what to do next?

Our website system is highly customizable, please come up with your desired model as close as possible and send us a simulation via our system. Please note that this is not a real order and you will not be asked to pay for your simulation which we receive. This system was created to make the communication easier. Once we receive your simulation and your comments about what should be changed or added (if any), we will adjust the price and contact you in 24-48 hours. After you make a simulation, you will receive the letter with your order (simulation) number.

If you already have your desired model selected:

1. Please add it to the basket by clicking the green button in the end near every model;
2. Now you have your selection in the basket, which can be found in the very top right corner of the website;
3. Later follow step by step suggestions and fill the required fields. Please note that you will not be asked to fill any of your personal data. We would only need the delivery address to know the exact shipping price.

I have sent my simulation of the desired model. When can I expect a reply?

We always reply within 24 – 48 hours. In most of the cases it takes just a few hours to respond. If you are in a hurry, you can always call use to put your request in front.

What is the procedure of the purchase?

Once we are completely agreed on your model, we will prepare the contract with all the details stated there. Contract covers all the duties and responsibilities of the Seller and the Customer. You will receive the digital version of the contract together with the invoice.

Can I trust TimberIN?

Yes, definitely. We have been selling our production in foreign markets for more than 2 years now. Our production is delivered to: Germany, Austria, Switzerland, France, The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, UK and Norway. We have websites specially created for those specific markets. Please read all the comments and feedbacks from our customers from all the Europe in our websites or Facebook. There is no better way to trust a company than reading what other customers have to say!

What are the payment conditions and methods?

We know that it is hard to trust a foreign company these days therefore we ask 50 % of advance payment to start the production. Once your product is finished, we send the detailed pictures of your order with your order sheet attached. Once you receive the pictures and confirm that you are satisfied, we ask to pay the remaining amount. Once we receive the remaining amount, we organize the shipping to your address.

We accept all major payment methods: Direct bank transfer; Paypal, Credit or Debit cards.

Please note that there are extra expenses when paying via Paypal, Credit or Debit cards. Extra rates are approx.. 3.4 % of the total amount when paying via direct Paypal account or using Credit or Debit cards.

Please always mention the form of payment when placing the order.

What is the lead (production and delivery) time?

Normally it is about 3 weeks from the point we receive the order from our customers.

Can I purchase the product with 0 % of VAT?

All prices given in our website include 21 % of VAT. According to EU regulations if the Customer owns a company and (or) has a valid VAT code, we can deduct 21 % of VAT. Please verify if your VAT code is valid here:

Please add a comment that you would like to buy with reduced VAT when making a simulation via website system.

Can I expect a discount?

Yes sure you can! In all cases we offer additional 15 EUR discount if customer decides to write a feedback and to send a few pictures of the product. Your feedbacks and pictures are very welcome, because it helps us to serve you better!


What products do we offer?

  1. We offer complete “wooden” models that are made completely of wood (Siberian spruce, larch or thermowood). Please click here.
  2. “Polypropylene” models have polypropylene inner frame and wooden decoration. They have a wide round wooden edge as well. Possible SPA installation. Please click here.
  3. “Fiberglass” models. These models are made with fiberglass liners and have either new integrated type of heater or conventional internal or external wood burners. Possible SPA installation. Please click here. 
  4. “Outdoor Saunas”. We offer wide range of wooden garden saunas. Saunas are equipped with Harvia wood burning or electric heaters. Please click here.
  5. “Wood burning heaters for hot tubs”. One can choose from 5 different models. Please click here.

Do we offer models for self-assembly? (as a kit);

Please note that all complete wooden hot tubs (without inner liners) can be ordered as flat packed (as a kit). Polypropylene or fiberglass models are delivered completely assembled since inner liners are being welded or formed in our factory.

What is the difference between models made completely of wood and with inner frames?

Wooden hot tubs models are all natural. Wood is a natural material and it requires maintenance. It tends to expand or shrink due to the amount of moisture. Leakage may be expected during the first days of utilization.

Polypropylene” and “Fiberglass” models have polypropylene or fiberglass inner liners that prevent the leakage and also requires less maintenance. These models are highly customizable therefore many additional parts such as SPA can be installed upon the request.

What kind of wood should I choose?

  1. Siberian Spruce is the most popular selection. With the correct maintenance, Siberian spruce is perfect selection in most climates. Colour is bright.
  2. Siberian Larch is common selection for those places where wood is highly exposed to various insects. Larch is much more resistant to insects and decay compared with spruce. Colour is bright.
  3. Thermo wood – this type of wood is processed in height temperature. During this procedure all the capillaries are closed therefore wood does not absorb moisture anymore. This type of wood is extremely resistant to decay and deformation. Colour is dark.
  4. Siberian Oak – this type of wood is the most luxurious, however due to high capacity of water absorption it tends to shrink or expand. Oak requires much more maintenance.

How to maintain the exterior wooden parts of hot tub?

We do recommend to perform oiling of exterior wooden parts twice per year. The most suitable time is prior and after the winter. We recommend using linseed oil, however other solutions for wood maintenance are also acceptable. The normal lifespan is more than 10 years if the tub is well maintained.

What diameter should I choose? How much water does it contain?

We offer diameters starting from 1500 mm to 2200 mm.
1500 – 1600 mm is for 3-5 persons;
1600 – 1800 mm is for 6-8 persons;
1800 – 2000 mm is for 8-10 persons;
2000 – 2200 mm is for 10-12 persons.

Water height – ca. 90 cm. Volume of water (for 2000 mm hot tub) – V=3.14*12*0.9=2800 l.
Please note that the number of persons depends also on type of oven used. External oven provides more space inside the hot tub.

What is the difference between interior and exterior ovens? Does the aluminium oven heat faster?

The main difference is that exterior oven enables to have more space inside the tub. Heating time is not considerably different. Aluminium ovens heat a bit faster compared with stainless steel. It is due to faster heat transfer thought the metal. However the lifespan is shorter.

What is the normal water heating time?

The answer to this question depends on many conditions such as whether the hot tub is insulated, what kind of outside temperature it is exposed to. Normally the heating time is about 2-3 hours (38 oC). The heating time also depends on the power of oven. We offer ovens of 14-30 kW.

I want to use chemicals for water treatment. What kind of heater should I use?

By default our heaters are made of 430 stainless steel. If chloride is used, we strongly recommend choosing 316 stainless steel instead. You can select this option under the model of every heater or simply write a comment when making the order. We do recommend using natural herbal or salts for water treatment instead of chemicals.

How often should I change water?

It depends on how often the tub is used. We recommend changing water once in a couple of days if water is not treated with chemicals or no filtration system is used.

How can I drain water from the hot tub?

By default there is a tap in the bottom of hot tub (like in simple sink). Additionally one can choose external water tap which is installed in walls at least 5 cm above the bottom.

I have an old oven which I will use for my new tub, can I purchase the model without oven?

Yes sure, we can sell our all models without the ovens. In order to say the price, we need to know the diameter, model and wood type.

I have my own water filter. Can I ask just for connections?

Yes we install two stainless steel cranes to connect your filter hoses.

What should I consider in order to keep water warm longer?

One should consider the insulation of walls, bottom and cover.

If I order SPA equipment, where can I hide the pumps?

We make a wooden box which is used to hide the pumps (upon the request, free of charge). 

Do I need professional assistance for connecting the electrical parts?

All electrical parts come completely assembled in the factory. However we recommend that customers consult professional electrician when connecting them to a local power supply.
Air bubble massage system requires 0.8 kW of power; Hydro massage system – 1.0 kW. One electric heater needs 6 kW of power. If connecting two units – 12 kW. Other electrical parts do not demand considerable amount of power. For more information please follow our user manual, click here.

What is the transportation price?

Shipping costs are already included for most models.

What should I consider prior using the hot tub for the first time?

Please carefully read our user`s manual here.

Are there anything to know about hot tub made of oak?

Actually one should know that oak is very hard and strong material. Oak absorbs much water therefore expands and later shrinks. Visible wood movements appear therefore we always make the lid  from thermowood. Please see the picture below:

DSC_0089-700x465 TEst FAQ


Can I get sauna as a kit for self-assembly?

Almost all our saunas` models can be delivered completely assembled or as a kit. Shipping price depends on the exact location. Shipping price for model as a kit is less expensive.

What kind of wood are we offering?

We offer Siberian spruce, larch or thermo wood. You can choose the type of wood below the model or just by contacting us.

How is the sauna shipped?

Sauna is loaded in our factory using a forklift. Customer is responsible to arrange a forklift or other machine to unload the sauna to its final position.

Can I customize the saunas for my own needs?

We sell saunas as our models and the outside appearance can’t be changed however the position of benches and heater inside the sauna can be adjusted according to your needs. You can mention us that you would like to have, for example: a changing room and (or) a terrace together with the main sauna room.

Can I choose the roof color for my sauna?

Yes you can. We offer black, brown (with black stripes) or green bituminous tiles. Please mention the colour when you make the order.