Wooden-outdoor-spa-in-thermowood-Deluxe-Jeroen-Ticheler-Enschedends-The-Netherlands2-94x94 Testimonials

Thanks for your email! And thanks too for the hot tub. It is beautiful and we are heating it up right now. Once everything is well setup and ready I will send you another picture. 


Kind regards,


Outdoor-Sauna-Igloo-Philip-Higgins-Nottingham-UK-2-94x94 Testimonials

Morning Albert


Please find attached a couple of photos of the completed building but as yet the electrics have yet to be completed due to our holiday. We are really pleased with it. We still have other work to …

Fiberglass-lined-outdoor-spa-with-integrated-heater-Spruce-Wellness-Deluxe-Mark-Wood-Patitiri-Greece-2-94x94 Testimonials

Hi Albert,

What is the procedure for keeping the wood in good shape? I did not receive any oil so assume that standard wood oil annually will do the trick.

Otherwise a great investment and compliments our tented spa and …

Outdoor-Sauna-Barrel-Thermo-Wood-Gavin-Mackie-Lisburn-UK-4-94x94 Testimonials

Morning Albert,


Yes we have finally got the truck and sauna up and running this weekend. I used the sauna on Saturday night and is superb.

Look up “littlewoodlife” on Instagram on your phone, and click on stories and you will …

Wellness-Royal-Hot-Tub-Xavier-Burns-Sligo-Ireland-2-94x94 Testimonials

Hi Albert,

Tub has been installed & had its first trial last night, all’s working great.

Thanks again for all.

Regards, Xavier


Outdoor-Iglu-Sauna-Sarah-McConnell-Northamptonshire-UK-1-94x94 Testimonials

Hi to all at Timberin!

I have attached some photos of the finished sauna, I hope it looks ok to you. We are very pleased with it and have had lots of lovely comments, most people say it’s ” …

Wooden-hot-tub-from-larch-John-Clarke-Welshpool-UK-94x94 Testimonials

Hi Albert,

We were initially a little worried about purchasing our hot tub from abroad but the excellent communication from Albert, Deimante, Ona and the team and the partial protection offered by Paypal reassured us.

The hot-tub was ready to …

Plastic-lined-Outdoor-SPA-Tin-Mellerick-Wheeler-Brecon-UK-94x94 Testimonials

Hi Albert,

We are very pleased with our new hot tub which is now in place with its decking as you see in the picture. I do have a couple of questions though – Is it possible to order …

Wooden-outdoor-spa-in-thermowood-Deluxe-Yonder-Meadow-Devon-United-Kingdom-94x94 Testimonials

We ordered a hot tub from TimberIn in January.  We couldn’t be happier with the service we received from start to finish.  

Everyone went out of their way to be helpful.  The hot tub arrived ahead of schedule, …

Polypropylene-lined-Outdoor-SPA-Linda-French-Tolmin-Slovenia-94x94 Testimonials

Hello Alberto,

Many thanks and we love it. It keeps in the temperature with the lid shut for many hours.


Tom-Granger-Polypropylene-lined-Outdoor-SPA-Bishops-Stortford-UK-1-94x94 Testimonials

Dear TimberIN Team,

Many thanks to the whole team at TimberIN. We are really pleased with our wood burning hot tub. The delivery was on time and efficient, although I would stress to people taking delivery to ensure you …

OUT-Round-Heater-Mairtin-O-Tuairisg-Galway-Ireland-94x94 Testimonials

Hi Albert

I have installed the stove. It works brilliantly. As you can see from the photo there is a lot of work still to do. I have to build a timber deck and clad the tub with wood.

Best …

Outdoor-sauna-Barrel-with-panoramic-window-Anthony-Lafrate-UK-Austria-94x94 Testimonials

We are very pleased with our barrel sauna – the view from the glass window is amazing. We have got the temperature up to 90 deg C so it is working nicely.

The sauna is very good quality. Because …

Thermowood-Deluxe-Hot-Tub-with-inside-heater-Peter-Bandtock-Rodersdorf-Schweiz-94x94 Testimonials

The hot tub is an object of beauty. It is very well made and a pleasure to use and look at. It takes a LOT of wood to get it up to temperature – and the fire needs …

Outdoor-barrel-sauna-Galashiels-UK-4-94x94 Testimonials

I have been delighted with the service from TimberIN, great attention to detail and technically superior to others I had examined. The slow grown timber from the north is stronger and looks much better. The guidance given by …

Richard-Mackay-Midlothian-Scotland-94x94 Testimonials

Dear Albert as you know I was nervous ordering a hot tub from outside the UK, in the end it all worked out well and the tub is well used by all the family. It is far easier …

Olivier-Niechcicki-London-UK-2-94x94 Testimonials

Hello, its Olivier from London. The sauna is great, I am just going to modify it a bit. I am going to make the place where you sit higher to get more steam access. I will make other …

Richard-Armstrong-Northamptonshire-UK-94x94 Testimonials

I liked the look of Timberin’s saunas and was concerned about the practicability of buying from a company I did not know in far away Lithuania. With Albert’s help, I arranged a visit to an existing …

Diana-Clarke-Cockermouth-Cumbria-1-94x94 Testimonials

Hi Albert, I’m going to give you more than one photo so that you can choose the one you want. Here is the text:
Thank you Albert!

Timberin make a wonderful hot tub! I chose the Thermawood 1800mm model and …

Chris-Palmer-Rowledge-UK2-94x94 Testimonials

Hi Albert,

I hope that all is well. Please see pictures attached. Here are my comments that you are free to add to your website as my testimonial:

“Throughout the entire ordering process, Albert and his team couldn’t have been any …

Matthew-Hatton-East-Sussex-UK-1-94x94 Testimonials

Hi Albert,
Apologies for the delay. We were waiting for the bluebells. See attached.

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Richard-Halhead-Stoke-on-Trent-United-Kingdom-3-94x94 Testimonials

Hi Albert
Sorry for the delay. Hot tub is great and we have had many nights under the stars!
Fuchs Lubricants (UK) plc
New Century Street
United Kingdom

Longhouse-meeting-space-exterior-94x94 Testimonials

We ordered one of TimberIN’s beautiful barrel sauna’s after numerous emails and phone call discussions about our specific requirements with their very helpful team. After all their patience and help, we decided to go ahead and …

Philip-Gold-LE-GRAND-BORNAND-France--94x94 Testimonials

Dear Albert,

Yes we are very pleased with the hot tub, it is well made and looks lovely. We have installed it on our wooden terrace next to the ski piste. In the early evening with snow falling all …

Claire-Graves-Devon-England-94x94 Testimonials

Dear Albert
Thank you so much sorry for the late reply. The hot tub is up and running and works perfectly heats with 2 bags of logs and we had no leaks . we have had some great times …

Steve-Fosberry-Isle-of-Wight-England-94x94 Testimonials

Dear Albert,

My Sauna arrived at the depot yesterday at 20.00 Hrs, the delay was mostly due to the illegal immigrants in Calais causing all trucks to be examined.
The sauna seems to be very well built, and is a …

Lloyd-Jones-Bovingdon-Herts-UK-94x94 Testimonials

The drivers were great. After arriving at 8am and a quick coffee we all went about working out how to get the tub into place over 100 yards through the garden. They were with me until 9.30 and …

NIA-OWEN-GWYNEDD-UK-94x94 Testimonials

Thank you, quality is fantastic, service was also great. We are really happy with the sauna, it is very well made.

William / Nia Owen

Murray-Gow-Insch-NE-Scotland-94x94 Testimonials

Good morning Albert,

I’ve attached some photographs showing the hot tub in its final place. As you’ll see I’ve yet to fully finish the decking but it’s pretty much there.
The hot tub is exactly what we were …

Hot-tub-Michaels1-94x94 Testimonials

Hello Albert,

Just to say a big thank you for my hot tub. 😎 You made it so simple to purchase from you; your service and product is excellent. You and Ruta were always there to answer my calls promptly, from …

Gary-Campbell-Londonderry-IRELAND-94x94 Testimonials

Hi Albert

Hot tub installed and already used by family and friends. Good experience dealing with yourselves and would highly recommend your company

All the best


Angela-Gent-Hinton-UK--94x94 Testimonials

Dear Albert

Please find attached our photo of our new installed tub.

We are over the moon with our new tub. It was delivered by the nicest delivery guys, it was easy to assemble …

Charles-Baron-Flintshire-UK-94x94 Testimonials

Hello Albert,

The Hot tub is now installed and working. We are very happy with it so far. You are welcome to use these pictures though I see you now have many pictures on your web site. There is some …

Rachel-Eccles-Peters-Abingdon-Oxfordshire-England-94x94 Testimonials

Hi Albert
Hope you had a good weekend.
As promised, here are some pictures of the hot tub – operational at last. We only filled it up this weekend.

Some feedback for you which I am happy for you to put …

Anna-Liisa-Gaze-94x94 Testimonials

Good evening Ruta and Albert

I am just letting you know that we have received our sauna! Many thanks for everything, it looks great! Unfortunately we will not be able to use it for a while as we had …

Rino-Coladangelo-hot-tub-94x94 Testimonials

Albert and his team at TimberIN were professional and helpful all the way through, and the tub was delivered exactly as planned. It looks great and works very well. I opted for an electric water heating system and …

James-Paxman-94x94 Testimonials

Hello Albert,

I have nearly finished the installation. I have had the tub working and can report that I am very pleased and it works well. The pipes supplied were too short to allow it to be connected at …

Pedro-Aviles-hot-tub-94x94 Testimonials

TimberIN is very happy to have some clients from sunny Spain, Thank you Pedro!

Hola: Recibí la tina en el tiempo prometido y eso que la entrega era en un lugar remoto. Sin sorpresas, todo de calidad. Espero disfrutarla …

martin-mellors-94x94 Testimonials

Hi TimberIN , we have had lots of interest from friends so have shared your web page , hope you get at least a couple of enquiries. Will post some photos soon when i can get the wife to …