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  • Attached you will find some pictures of our Hot Tub. So far we are very happy with it.

    Henry louvtick Avatar Henry louvtick

    We’re still very happy with the tub. It all works well. The only thing is that we’re still trying to find a bit out how much chlorine we need to... read more

    Mairead Rooney Avatar Mairead Rooney

    We are very happy with our Timberin Hot Tub which arrived as promised in perfect condition with a helpful delivery driver and has totally met our expectations. The Rojal model... read more

    Mary Reid Avatar Mary Reid
  • I recently acquired a Timberin Wellness Royal and am really pleased with the quality of the product. After a few phone calls with the firm to acquire information, I decided... read more

    Kostantina Ksenou Avatar Kostantina Ksenou

    I had a lot of questions before I bought the hot tub, while I was waiting for it to arrive, and after it was installed. All of my questions were... read more

    Liselotte Winter Avatar Liselotte Winter

    We were looking for a stylish wood fired hot tub, that was comfortable, easy to maintain and would heat up quickly even in the cold UK winter. We chose timberin... read more

    Jamie Oakley Avatar Jamie Oakley
  • Our hot tub arrived around 8 weeks ago and so far it’s been great. Production was a little longer than we originally thought it would be but only by a... read more

    Rachel Martin Avatar Rachel Martin

    Hi Albert,
    We are very pleased with our new hot tub which is now in place with its decking as you see in the picture. I do have a couple of... read more

    Tin Mellerick Wheeler Avatar Tin Mellerick Wheeler

    "Hi, thank you for the help I had during the purchase of this hot tub. I must say, it was very easy to put together, I was concerned at... read more

    Simon Tyler Avatar Simon Tyler

Good afternoon, First of all, I would like to thank you for the nice delivery of the tiny house you delivered this year. We ordered it empty but we like to show you what we made of it. We all ready had some ...  

We are so happy with our hot tub! We took delivery of it around a month ago, and we loved it from the minute it arrived – more beautiful than we expected. We love the color, the wood smells gorgeous, ...  

We have, indeed, installed our spa… and we absolutely love it. The build quality and standard of materials are even better than we had hoped. The fact that we could order the spa without pumps or air ...  

Here are some photos of the hot tub. We are very happy with it. The quality is high and it was easy to put together. Thank you. Marc  

Dear Albert Thank you so much for our hot tub. We absolutely love it. It is really high quality and we are delighted. It was worth the wait and your amazing team kept us up-to-date all the way along so we were ...  

A nice experience ordering our outdoor sauna from TimberIN. We got a good price, waited for 12 weeks for our sauna to be prepared and it was shipped to us quickly. The process was professional and we were kept ...  

Hello Evelina, Here are some pictures of our hot tub. We are very pleased with its performance, the wood -burner heats the water quickly and the electric heater maintains the temperature over an extended period ...  

So happy with our new hot tub. @timberinhottubs built and delivered it. We’ve had it a week now, used it every night. The good: the build is fantastic, the log burner heats up the water quickly and you ...  

Please find attached photos of out new hot tub. We have put the wood burner inside our garden room with the pipes going through the wall to the hot tub, so it heats the room and the hot tub. So far very pleased ...  

Dear Albert, It has been now a good few months that we have had the use of our sauna and hot tub. The sauna works perfectly and we are very happy – I believe we have sent you pictures in the past? I attach ...  

Dear Albert, We have finished installing the spa. Many thanks.  

Dear Albert and Timberin Team, I hope you’re well. I send some photos of the SPA. The installation was delayed because the technician must be out for a few weeks. We wanted to put grass around and so ...  

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