Infrared Sauna Pros and Contras


The idea of having your own sauna is quite tempting. Infrared one may seem a perfect choice. It is compact, stylish, and able to suit every interior with its modern look. Although many people hesitate, if they should invest in it and if it is generally safe for their health under a long-term perspective. Many of those doubts are rooted in various prejudices on this term. In our article, we will state which of them are truthful and will try to dispel most common myths on the subject. You will be able to find the answers to all of your questions, related to the infrared sauna, weigh up the main benefits and disadvantages of it, and decide for yourself if it is worth buying one for personal use.

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Which Wood-Fired Hot Tub to Choose? Wooden Vs Fiberglass Vs Polypropylene

Which hot tub to choose

When buying a hot tub, one must decide on what materials are best suited for their needs. The choices available can seem daunting at first, especially when looking into them for the first time. To simplify the process of choosing the best option for you, we’ve listed the main advantages and disadvantages of the three types of tubs that we offer. Each has its own set of benefits and shortcomings, along with deluxe and budgetary options to boot.

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APP Controlled Wooden Pellet Heater – Stove for Hot Tubs


Here at TimberIN our top priority is providing our clients with a top-quality product that will provide relaxation and unforgettable experiences for family and friends in years to come. In our never-ending quest to improve our products, we have paid close attention to the wishes and needs of our customers. As a result, we are proud to introduce the release of our brand-new state of the art – SMART HEATER FOR WELLNESS HOT TUBS.

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