Wood-fired hot tubs – Wood-burning hot tubs – time to relax and bring the family together!

Smart technology is all over our daily lives. It is quite hard to find some quality time even for your closest ones. It should not be like this and the memories that we get from these moments will stay forever. TimberIN wood-fired hot tubs and outdoor saunas are some of the easiest ways to harvest those precious moments. In addition, they will be a good add-up to backyard aesthetics guaranteeing a rustic feel and touch.

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Wood-burning hot tubs – traditional luxury for everyone!

Our main aim here at TimberIN is to offer wood-burning hot tubs that would unplug you from the fast-daily pace of our lives with more smiles and joy! Thousands of people around Europe have already been introduced to our products. It is your turn now. It will be the best investment you have ever made for your true self.  

Sometimes all we need is the traditional way for certain things. With the increased dependence on modern age technology, we consider it the ultimate solution for every single item. However, in this life with cut-throat competition, you need to find traditional ways to get relaxed. Are you looking for something that can provide you with the ultimate relaxation and bonding time with your loved ones? Do you want to find a traditional and more aesthetic way to enjoy your spare time?

Well, then all you need is the wood-fired hot tubs from TimberIN. With years of experience and knowledge, we have crafted a premium solution for your relaxation. The wood-fired hot tubs will not only offer comfort but also will offer the aesthetic of your backyard.

Wood fired hot tubs for sale uk
Wood burning hot tubs for sale uk

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Treat yourself with TimberIN wood-fired hot tubs

At TimberIN wood-fired hot tubs, there is no tolerance for low-quality products. We believe in creating products that serve clients for many years to come. In the recent few decades, we have been introduced to various forms of furniture, including plastic, flat-pack, and comfortable furniture. Although these products market convenience, they are not reliable at all. Especially if you are thinking about having a wood-fired hot tub in harsh and extreme weather conditions, plastic is not going to be a prudent solution.

On the contrary, how about trying wood-fired hot tubs, designed to last? At TimberIN, we offer our valued clients excellent quality products made with the most excellent quality material by experts. So by buying the wood-burning hot tubs from TimberIN, you are not investing in the relaxation but also in the quality and the time.

Wood-fired hot tubs from TimberIN are not just the way to get relaxed alone or with family, but it also gives your backyard a unique traditional look. Having one of our wood-burning hot tubs of your own in your backyard offers you more personalization and privacy. Tired from work and need to relax a bit in the hot water tub? Or want to enjoy some quality time with the love of your life? In either case, all you need is a wood-fired hot tub in your backyard with some drinks and light music. Make your evenings more enjoyable and relaxing with the warm water, sweet music, and soothing sound of a crackling wood fire. 

Wood fired hot tubs with jets

Wood fired hot tubs are a less expensive way to enjoy hot springs in the garden. They have a long tradition in Scandinavia. We will discuss the different types of hot tubs and how to heat the water in them.

Wood-burning hot tubs have a millennia-old tradition in the Scandinavian countries. These wood-fired hot tubs are made of solid wood that is filled with water and heated by a wood stove. The stove can be installed inside or outside, or sometimes integrated into the structure of the hot tub. Alternatively, there are also hot tubs with an electric heater, so-called – electric hot tubs.

There is space for two to eight people in a conventional hot tub. It is normally accessible via a ladder.

Compared to an outdoor whirlpool or jacuzzi, you can expect less comfort and design with a wood-fired hot tub. Those who like it rustic will clearly prefer the hot tub. Another advantage: wood-burning hot tubs are usually cheaper to buy and more environmentally friendly.

What is there to know before buying a wood-fired hot tub

What makes a good hot tub?

When choosing a hot tub, you should pay attention to several factors:

• Size: Relaxation. The hot tub should therefore be spacious enough so that all guests can comfortably find space in it. At the same time, the tub should not be unnecessarily large, since it uses a lot of water that needs to be heated. So think in advance how many people will use the hot tub regularly.

• Material: Do not save on material. A good hot tub is traditionally made of solid wood, usually spruce, larch or thermowood. There are also models made of plastic, but they have nothing to do with the original hot tub. The straps around the bin are made of durable stainless steel.

• Equipment: A ladder, bench and wooden lid should be included in the scope of delivery or can be combined directly in the shop. Only these accessories make the hot tub complete. The lid in particular is a must so that the hot tub heats up faster and the heat is stored longer.

Wood-fired hot tubs: what types are there?

According to tradition, wood-burning hot tubs are made from solid wood staves. These are held together by stainless steel straps.

One usually has the choice between spruce, larch and thermo wood. Spruce and larch wood are the cheaper variants, but they also require more maintenance. The wood should be treated with glaze several times a year.

Hot tub stove: inside or outside?

Hot tubs are traditionally heated using a wood stove. There are two types of construction: the inner wood stove and the outer wood stove. In both cases, you add the firewood from the outside. The smoke goes up a long chimney.

Hot tub with inside – snorkel stove

The snorkel stove is usually made of stainless steel and is mounted inside the hot tub. This has the advantage that the heat is transferred directly to the water. Disadvantage: one can lose valuable space in the hot tub. You can only start and use the inside stove while there is water in the hot tub. Otherwise, your hot tub threatens to go up in flames.

Hot tub with outside stove

The outdoor stove is outside of the tub. It consists of two contours and in the middle, the water flows past and is heated. This design is less efficient than the inside stove and takes longer to heat up. You also need more space next to the tub. An outdoor stove has the advantage that you have the entire tub’s interior to sit in.

Alternatively: Electrically heated hot tub – electric hot tub

In addition to the classic design with a wood stove, there are also hot tubs that can be operated electrically. The heating time is normally longer but the heat can be regulated more easily. On the other hand, there is of course the high-power consumption, which can cost a lot of money.

Wood fired hot tubs: planning and installation

Before you can start using your hot tub, there are a few more things to consider:

• Location: It is important to have a level, solid surface so that the hot tub is stable. Water should also drain quickly, and the air should be able to circulate well under it. The lawn is less suitable. Gravel or crushed stone are best suited as a foundation.

• First use: Freshly delivered, the wood of the hot tub is still dry. It must first swell before you can fully enjoy it. Fill it about 10 centimetres with water and let the tub stand overnight. Work your way up piece by piece until the entire hot tub is filled. As soon as the staves can absorb the moisture well enough, the tub is ready to enjoy.

• Heating: Dry hardwoods are suitable as firewood. Softwoods have the disadvantage that they develop resin, which can produce more soot. Do not put chipboard, paper or waste in the oven. It takes an average of two to three hours to heat up. When using the inside stoves, make sure that the tub is filled with water.

• Maintenance and care: Change the water only when necessary. Usually, it is enough every few months, provided you always cover the barrel and use water treatment solutions. The installation of a filter system is recommended, especially if several people use the hot tub regularly. The filters help to minimize the number of chemicals required but they do not replace them. Simply clean the hot tub with curd soap after changing the water.

Finnish hot tub

Finnish hot tubs are usually practical and simple. Dive in, heat up or refresh – that’s all you need to relax in the far north. The price for a hot tub in fin design is also better.

You can get a barrel with a diameter of 180 centimetres made of Finnish thermo wood for just under 1,500 euros.

Swedish hot tub

The Swedes are more luxurious than the Finns, at least when it comes to the world of hot tubs. Based on the age-old tradition, modern Swedish hot tubs combine rustic elements with ergonomic seats and heat-treated thermowood.

What are the advantages of a wooden hot tub?

Wellness and relaxation: A wooden hot tub, like an outdoor whirlpool, is suitable for those who value wellness. After work, you can let go of stress, calm down, relax and recharge yourself.

Usable all year round: It can be used practically all year round. In summer it is filled with cold water and offers a welcome cooling off from the heat. In winter, full of hot water, you can relax in it wonderfully and maybe even invite friends to a wellness day.

Wood flair: In addition, hot tubs are traditionally made of wood and make a very aesthetic and valuable impression in the garden.

Space-saving: You only need relatively little space and little water compared to a pool. A wooden hot tub can also be set up in a small garden, possibly even on a terrace.

Low costs and little maintenance: it requires little maintenance and care. Both the acquisition costs and the maintenance are cheaper than a classic outdoor whirlpool, which costs around 4,000-5,000 euros. Good hot tubs are available for 1,500 euros (with a diameter of 2 m). The water in a classic hot tub is heated with a stove, not with electricity. This saves costs and is environmentally friendly since renewable raw materials (firewood) are used.

Increases the value of the property: In addition, a wood-fired hot tub is a good investment that increases the value of the house or property.

What are the disadvantages of a wood-fired hot tub?

No water massage jets: The water in a wood-fired hot tub is as hot as in an outdoor whirlpool, but it doesn’t bubble because no air is drawn into it. There are also no massage jets here that can relieve shoulder, neck and back tension. However, there is a bubble system available as an accessory for certain models. A special pump blows air jets into the water through special valves, creating a pleasant massage effect. However, this is not as strong as with real massage jets with water jets.

Not for swimming: In contrast to a pool, a wood-fired hot tub is not suitable for swimming.

Can only be used after it has swelled up: In addition, a wood-fired hot tub cannot be used immediately. New tubs have to swell first. It also takes a certain amount of time to heat the water.

Tips and advice for wood-fired hot tubs

Does a wood-burning hot tub need a foundation?

No, it is not necessary. Of course, you can use a concrete surface as a parking space, but a flat surface is usually sufficient. Only 2 things are important: The base must be firm enough to support the weight of the hot tub so that it does not tip over. Second, the water must be able to run off well because the wood can rot quickly due to the accumulated moisture. Therefore, the hot tub should stand on a layer of gravel or crushed stone. It must be ensured that the air can circulate under the hot tub, approx. 5 cm above the ground.

What is there to know before using a wood-fired hot tub?

The hot tub cannot be used immediately. A little water always runs out at the beginning. This is because the wood is still dry. The barrel is first filled with water approx. 10 cm and left to stand overnight. The boards on the floor absorb the moisture and expand. Then you can slowly drain the water in 10 cm steps. The staves absorb water and this closes gaps and crevices and the hot tub becomes tight.

How is the stove used and how long does it take to heat up?

The stove is fired with wood. Dry logs that have been split into small pieces should be used. The inner stove may only be used if the surface of the stove is covered with water of at least 3 cm, otherwise, the hot tub can be damaged. A standard hot tub normally takes 2-3 hours to heat up. Depending on the size, outside temperature, and installation location, heating to the optimum temperature (35 ° C – 38 ° C) takes different lengths of time: between 1.5 and 4 hours. The 4 hours mainly relate to winter. The heating time can be shortened by stirring the water with a paddle twice an hour while it is heating up. The hot tub may only be emptied when the oven has cooled down completely. The ashes must be removed at regular intervals. A shovel with a long handle is best for this.

Which firewood is best for heating the water?

In principle, you can use all types of wood, but hardwoods such as birch or beech are particularly suitable. They have a particularly high calorific value, burn for a long time, and leave little residue behind. Softwood such as spruce or pine, on the other hand, has a lot of resin. This creates large amounts of soot and ash. Incidentally, it is forbidden to burn remnants of euro pallets, chipboard, or rubbish in the oven. Not only does this damage the environment, but it also produces toxic gases.

Does the water need disinfectant?

No, it is not mandatory. If the hot tub is used often and by several people, a filter system (cartridge filter or sand filter) is recommended as an accessory. If one wants to keep water inside the hot tub longer, water treatment chemicals might be needed.

If you want to clean the water with disinfectants, you should make sure that the pH value of the bathing water is in the optimal range (between 7.2 and 7.6) so that the cleaning agents can work. In addition, the correct PH value is also important for the lifespan of the hot tub. When using chlorine, one should use small chlorine tablets with a maximum weight of 15 to 20 mg. If an oxygen granulate is added to the water, it combats the formation of algae and fungi and keeps the water cleaner for longer.

What maintenance and care do wood-fired hot tubs need?

The water is only changed when necessary. To drain the water, a drain tap is attached to the underside of the hot tub, similar to a sink. An external water drainage pipe is also available for installation.  If the water does not contain any chemicals, it can be used as irrigation water in the garden. When the barrel is empty, the inside can be scrubbed with mild detergents such as curd soap. Under no circumstances should aggressive chemicals be used. It may also be possible to clean it thoroughly with a high-pressure syringe. Such devices also work well outside. The wood-burning hot tub made entirely of wood must not be completely empty for a very long time. When the wood dries out, it shrinks. This creates gaps and crevices and the barrel leaks. Exceptions are the winter times with very low temperatures.

What should you watch out for when using it in winter?

When using the wood-fired hot tub in winter, you should prevent the water from freezing over at very low temperatures. This means that the water must not be left unmonitored or unheated. One can e.g. put a few styrofoam units in the water. When the water freezes, it expands and compresses the styrofoam instead of damaging the wall of the hot tub. Or you can use a heating cable to counteract the drop in temperature and thus prevent the formation of ice.

How do you get the wood-fired hot tub through the winter?

According to experts, in periods with very low temperatures below freezing point or if the hot tub is not used for a long time in winter, the water should be drained first, and then the hot tub washed and dried. The barrel is covered with a wooden lid and stored that way. The ball valve should be left open to avoid damage from freezing. The sand filter system, if used, should be removed. If the hot tub has an external stove, it is either removed or the water must be completely drained it.

Having a wood-fired hot tub is a great opportunity to access tremendous health benefits, from mental to physical benefits that are unlike anything you can find out there. Here you can find a list of the major safety instructions and things that you need to take into consideration. Follow these things and you will have an amazing time while also enjoying the experience immensely and exploring a vast range of unique options all the time.

Safety considerations when owning a wood-fired hot tub

Remember that the chimney is very hot, so you always want to avoid it. Wood burning stoves need just wood as their energy source, so make sure that you keep that in mind. If you use any other material, it will damage the stove. On top of that, you do want to avoid using the hot tub if you drank alcohol since it can get hot and that’s something to stay away from.

On top of that, the hot tub lid needs to stay on if you are not using it. This will protect it from issues. You may also want to keep the water level above the hot water outlet while using it. If there are windstorms, remove the lid because it can sometimes be blown away. Or you can use a ratchet strap and that will be just as efficient.

If you live in a locale that encounters outrageous cold, almost certainly, your tub water will freeze. During these occasions, you should deplete both the tub and the outside oven totally as growing ice will definitely harm the hot tub just as the heater itself.

Try to avoid adding chemicals to the hot tub, as this can damage the stove or wood as well. If you are using chemicals, ensure that you use the right ones for a stainless-steel grade stove.

You can generally add cold water to the hot tub on the off chance that you discover the temperature to be excessively hot for you.  Whenever it’s too hot, you should get out of it. It is essential to just utilize your hot tub for more limited periods at first. Else you are at risk of turning out to be bleary-eyed and maybe, in any event, blacking out.

Where can you place your wood-burning hot tub?

One of the things we recommend is to not place your hot tub near flammable objects, as that can be a problem. You also need to keep in mind that a hot tub can have around 200 kg, so it’s a large product that is hard to handle. This is why having a concrete pad for it will help more than you might imagine. A level base is better than paving slabs or gravel. Since you add water to it, the overall weight can go to 2 tons, not to mention people sitting in it.


Most of the time the new tub will show up totally unblemished and require no extra development. That said you actually should have the option to get to your picked site. Tubs can be 1 and a half to more than 2 meters in width and gauge as much as 300kg relying upon the size and kind of wood picked.

The tub could be lifted by a gathering of four to five individuals and conveyed into position, in any case, a crane might be more appropriate contingent upon your territory and where you need to put it.

It’s crucial that the outer oven and the tub are consistently level with each other; as they were fitted together during development this should be kept up. It also matters that the upper or HOT hose proceeds somewhat upwards from the oven and into the tub; in any case, the framework won’t work as it should.

One thing to consider is that the stove chimney should fit together basically and just should be squeezed into place at the neckline of the oven. Whenever you’ve set your hot tub where you need it; you can start to accommodate your outer warmer hoses into place;

The hoses would preferably be straight for superior water dissemination. Elbow shape associations are additionally accessible to purchase yet don’t attempt to twist the real hose as this will hinder the watercourse.

Swelling Up

One of the things you need to realize is that the hot tub made entirely of wood can leak for a few days. That’s because the wood has to swell and then seal up on its own. You want to double-check and re-tighten the straps. Some materials like spruce can take up to a week or 12 days to seal on their own. Ideally, you want to leave the garden hose and maintain a low flow rate, since the base will be in the water a bit, and then the water will go up on its own. In case you have a wooden tub, you must keep it inside so it can stick to the swollen upstage. With that in mind, you just let the water in after the session and it will work very well. Then drain and rinse with a sponge.


If you want to fill the hot tub with some cold water, use the garden hose for that, or you can use rainwater. The hot tub should have 1800 litres, although the size might vary.

Whenever you’ve filled the tub, and simply after filled would you be able to start to encourage fire in the oven; consistently eliminate and old debris from past use? In the event that you need firelighters, they won’t hurt the stove. There is a water-coat in the firebox of the outer oven so consistently utilize dry wood and keep a solid fire consuming. The warming of the water must be overseen by a solid consuming fire, so if a powerless fire or more terrible yet wet materials are utilized you will wind up with more smoke, ash, and build-up in the oven, which thus can be harmful.

Keep up the warmth by feeding the fire during washing, make a point to rake ashes as essential, and even them out preceding adding more wood. This thinks about the simplicity of consuming and guarantees a solid fire.  At times you will need to mix the water in the tub. It’s the best way to get a precise temperature perusing since heated water rises and cold-water sinks; you need to ensure you blend your tub water well for the most satisfaction out of your tub.

Check your pipes consistently to guarantee there are no limitations or stops of any sort. You can do this by essentially putting a hand close and channel or basic outwardly checking for such a warmth actuated cloudiness in the water that would show dissemination.

While most tubs use some type of hardened steel pipe, it will undoubtedly get stained through use, to some degree tanning or getting gold. This is a nature impact and isn’t something that can be changed. When at first warming your water, it can assume control for more than 3 hours to warm up the tub from the cold; contingent upon what your external temperature is. Additionally, figuring into that time are your fire and wood characteristics. You should be steady in your fire to guarantee the appropriate warming of your hot tub.

One thing you have to realize here is that whenever you want to continue burning into the stove, you will end up heating up the water. If you do that, you can burn occupants and also damage equipment. Make sure that you assess the water temperature with a thermometer. The external heater has an air circulation window, you want to keep that shut, but make sure that you stop adding wood. It’s important to let the fire go out before the tub is drained, so try to take that into consideration. We do not recommend draining the tub while using it. Not only is it problematic, but the tub can catch on fire or it can get severely damaged.

Maintenance of the hot tub

You will notice that wood-fired hot tubs don’t need a lot of maintenance when compared to modern whirlpool units. You must however clear the ash from the stove after each use. It’s also a great idea to remove the chimney and clean it. While there, you want to remove the soot from the stove if you see it build up. Make sure that you change the water after every use or after a few uses, that’s up to you. If you leave it for a while and do not use it, then you need to drain, clean, and refill it. Ideally, you want to have the hot tub full, unless there’s freezing weather. This can lead to all kinds of damage, so might as well focus on eliminating any issues and getting the best results.

In the event that this is your first time filling the tub; you may see a few trickles around the outside of the tub. This isn’t a deformity; however, a characteristic event until the wood subsides into place appropriately and swells to make a legitimate seal. The growing cycle may take around 7 days relying upon the wood picked for your tub (Larch may take somewhat more). At regular intervals, you should check the metal groups around the outside and fix them at that point if necessary.

The tub’s outside is as of now treated appropriately with oils intended to shield it from UV harm; waterproofing it will oppose blurring. We prescribe applying some wood treatment in any event once every year. Anyway, over the life of your tub, it will start to silver; you can keep on keeping up it with oils to keep up the appearance, however, you ought not to utilize a weight washer excessively close as it can harm the wood. In the event that you don’t re-oil the wood, it will essentially age normally. The tub can likewise be painted or stained to your pleasure also.


Deliveries throughout Europe: Austria, Switzerland, Belgium, France, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Poland, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Italy, Spain, Ireland, Great Britain, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Romania, Latvia, Estonia, Norway….

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