How much does a wooden hot tub weight? – Transportation and unloading

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Everyone wants to have a wooden hot tub in his garden. It looks fancy, surely it increases the total worth of the house and it gives many unforgettable moments. However, there are many things to consider firstly, before ordering a hot tub. One of them is transportation.

Worth mentioning that wooden hot tub is a big product. Therefore, there could be some problems regarding transportation, especially unloading.

Factory loading and preparation for transportation.

Once the production is finished, the wooden hot tub is being prepared for transportation. The preparation combines careful packing, placing on euro pallet vertically and loading to the truck manually or by machinery (forklift).

How much does a wood fired hot tub weight?

Wooden hot tubs – 250 -300 kg; Wood fired hot tubs with liners – 160-180 kg

Wood-fired hot tubs can be categorized into two separate groups: completely made of wood or with polypropylene/fiberglass liners. Wooden hot tubs are considerably heavier weighting from 300 kilograms and more. Therefore, manual loading or unloading is possible, but not recommended. On the contrary, the polypropylene/fiberglass hot tubs are much lighter, weighing about 160-180 kilograms. Therefore, 4-5 men can easily move it.

Transportation process of wooden hot tubs

It is utmost important that wood-burning hot tub would be transported directly from the factory to the customers’ address. Terminals must be in any case avoided because there the tubs are reloaded and therefore the risk of damaging occurs. And this is the quite common case and the client must be informed about the method of delivery.

Unloading at the customer`s address.

Transportation is usually being cared out with a big truck, however, in some cases trailer is also possible. In most cases, clients already know that they are responsible for the unloading of the wooden tub from the truck, but haven’t said that, it is a very important factor, considering the size of a product. The unloading can happen with a forklift, small crane or even by hands if possible.

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