Everything You Need to Know About the Delivery Process

If you are thinking of getting a hot tub or a sauna installed in your garden, you are probably also wondering about how the delivery of such products is organized. In this article, we will try to answer all the main questions regarding the shipping costs, delivery process, or installation.

Customs, import or other fees – will I need to pay any of these?

Our company is based in European Union, therefore, none of the EU customers need to pay any additional fees. The prices you can find on our website already include the VAT. However, if you are buying on the name of your company and want to buy with 0% VAT, you can provide us with your VAT number (the number must be valid in the VIES system, you can check it here), and we will invoice with 0% VAT.

If you are located in a non-European Union country, the process is a bit different. First, we would invoice with 0% VAT. To get the product delivered, you will need to pay the import, customs, and VAT fees to the government of your country. Once our carriers leave the country, you will be contacted by local authorities, and you will be given directions on how to pay the fees so that the product could be delivered to you.

What about the shipping prices?

For the hot tubs, we often do some special offers, as, for example, free delivery. Therefore, one can find free shipping under a certain outdoor whirlpool model. If the shipping for a certain model is not free, you will find the price indicated on our website. You should check the options under the description of the hot tub, the shipping costs are usually indicated at the bottom of the page.

Speaking of outdoor saunas, the delivery costs are not included and must be calculated separately. In order to tell the delivery price of an outdoor sauna, we must know the following: (1) the model; (2) the size; (3) pre-assembled or flat packed; (4) the delivery address.

For the hot tub heaters and other accessories, the delivery price is included, except for non-EU countries such as Norway or Switzerland. If you can not find the shipping price of a certain product on our website, let us know, and we will provide you with this information.

What is the delivery process of a hot tub?

First, we must inform you that our company does not offer installation services. Generally, we transport our products by truck with curbside delivery, which means that the truck will come to you and the unloading and installation will have to be organized by you. See below the recommendations on how to unload a certain product:

Fiberglass hot tubs: one must note that these hot tubs are always delivered fully pre-assembled in the factory, therefore, a fiberglass hot tub will never be delivered as a self-assembly kit.  The weight of these hot tubs varies between 150-170 kg. The most convenient mean for unloading such a hot tub is a forklift. However, if a customer does not have access to such or similar machinery, it is also possible to unload such a hot tub by hand. This can be done by a group of ~ 4 adults.

Hot Tub Unloading Forklift

Polypropylene hot tubs: these models can also be delivered only fully pre-assembled in the factory. The weight of these hot tubs varies between 200-300 kg, so, manual unloading becomes a little complicated here. We recommend having some unloading machinery on site. Again, a forklift is the most recommended option.

Fully-wooden hot tubs: can be delivered either fully pre-assembled in the factory, or not assembled (self-assembly kit). The total weight is around 200 – 300 kg. If you opt for a factory pre-assembled model, it is recommended to use unloading machinery. If, however, you purchase it as a kit, you can simply unpack it and move the parts manually. Have in mind that at least 2 adults would still be necessary for the unloading process.

The exact dimensions and weight of each product can be found in the technical datasheets on our website (see the image below).

Technical Data Sheet 1

For more information about how the hot tubs are packed, click here.

What’s the delivery process of an outdoor sauna?

Our saunas, as well as our hot tubs, are delivered with curbside delivery, which means that the truck will come to you and the unloading and installation will have to be organized by you. Depending on the model, our outdoor saunas can be delivered either fully pre-assembled in the factory, or as a self-assembly kit.

If you order a factory pre-assembled sauna, you will need to organize some kind of unloading machinery. A forklift is the most recommended option. Please have in mind that our trucks are not equipped with unloading systems, therefore, unloading is the customer’s responsibility.

If you opt for a flat-packed sauna, you can unpack it and unload the parts of the sauna by hand. However, one should note that the heaviest part will weigh around 200 kg, so, a group of adults will be necessary for the unloading process.

The exact dimensions and weight of each sauna can also be found in the technical datasheets on our website.

Sauna Unloading Forklift

What access is needed?

In most of the European Union countries, our hot tubs are delivered with small (3,5 t) trucks. An exception is applied for the biggest hot tub models – wooden and polypropylene hot tubs with an internal diameter of 2200 mm, as well as for the rectangular hot tubs with dimensions of 2000 x 2000, and 2200 x 2200 mm. These models are too big to fit into a standard small truck, so they are delivered with a large (18 m, 40t) truck. Therefore, the customer must ensure that the delivery place will be accessible by such truck.

In the UK, meanwhile, all hot tubs, regardless of model or size, are delivered with large trucks (18 m, 40t). If this causes inconveniences, let us know, and we will see if we can find another solution.

Outdoor saunas are usually delivered with an 18 m, 40t truck. The delivery place must therefore have good access (wide road, good road surface).

How is the delivery process organized?

Once the production of your product is finished, our transport manager starts looking for available delivery dates, and contacts you to agree on the best delivery day and time for you. The delivery is usually organized on working days.

Upon delivery, the goods must be inspected prior to unloading. Any missing parts or destruction caused by transportation must strictly be marked in the shipping document (CMR), the document must be scanned and afterward sent to the seller’s responsible person within 5 business days. If the parcel did not meet your expectations, you should contact us so we could solve the problems.

General information

The Customer clearly understands that the place of production is in Lithuania. The Customer becomes the owner of the product after the complete payment (100 % of the total amount) for the product. Please note that the company TimberIN does not deliver the products to the Customers. It is assumed that every time the Customer seeks the shipping offer from the company TimberIN, TimberIN will act as the middleman and pass the quote of shipping price from the shipping company to the Customer.

If the shipping price is not shown on the product cart separately (for wilderness baths), or it is written as “free shipping” or “shipping included”, the Customer agrees that the shipping price for such product is 280 EUR. If this offer does not meet the expectations of the Customer, 280 EUR will be deducted from the total amount.

The customer clearly understands that all pre-sale and post-sale services are offered from Lithuania as described in the warranty form.

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