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Wood-fired hot tub water heaters – Wood burning hot tub stoves – Electric heaters for wooden hot tubs for sale

Wood-fired hot tub heaters perfectly fit every wood-burning hot tub model. However, there are many choices possible. Snorkel or submersible hot tub heaters are easy to install and it is a common model. On the other hand, external hot tub heaters are mounted separately, therefore, a lot of space is saved. All types of heaters are sold with full connections, pipes, and rain hats. We offer 6 different wood-fired hot tub stoves and an electric heater as well. Each wood-fired heater has 3 power levels to choose from.

Why should you use a wood-burning hot tub heater and which are the best options you can choose from?

Having your own wood-burning hot tub heater can really help you spruce up your enjoyment and have fun. Investing in such a product can make a huge difference and it has the potential to shift the experience to the next level in a creative and unique way. You can go with submersible, snorkel hot tub heaters, but you can also use an external heater that will be mounted separately. With help from these heaters, you will have no problem obtaining amazing results and your pool will be fully heated at all times. To make things even better, all heaters are sold with rain hats, pipes, and all connectivity. Each one of the options listed below is amazing, high quality and you can opt for one of the 3 different power levels to choose from. You just need to make the right choice.

Electric Heater for wooden hot tubs jacuzzi

Going with an electric heater is great because it’s compact, small, and extremely easy to use. It has a power range from 3 to 18 KW and the heater itself is made from thermoplastic. You also have a flow switch, overheating cutout, and an adjustable thermostat. Since it’s an electric unit, it does bring in front great portability and you can easily use it with salt and chloride waters too. The unit is fully tested and certified, and it’s fully compact, well suited for the small as well as large wooden hot tubs. It’s a product that really brings your wooden hot tub to life in a creative and rewarding manner.

Wood-fired hot tub heater external round model

This unique heater is impressive because it’s large and round. You can burn lots of wood in it. And the best part is that you have 3 sizes to suit your requirements. The largest size is great especially if you want to go with salt and chlorine treatment. The quality is stunning and you will receive amazing attention to detail. At around 40 kg, it’s a sizeable product, but it will offer 20 kW, enough to bring in the heat you need without worries. Included with the purchase you also get a chimney with a hat as well. That means you will receive an amazing product and you will appreciate the way it looks and the value that’s being brought to the table at all times.

You can also check:

Log fired external heater for garden hot tubs jacuzzi

When you want to heat your hot tub or jacuzzi, you sometimes want to use large logs. And that’s where this external heater comes into play. It has a rather unique design, and it’s very efficient because it offers extraordinary heat transfer and outstanding quality. You will notice it heats up fast and it will fit large tubs, such as the 1800 mm ones without any worries. The unit allows you to add a pressure valve, glass door, and a thermometer if needed. It delivers an extraordinary, amazing experience and a huge value for money, which is exactly what you need to take into consideration.

External wood-fired jacuzzi hot tub heater

Just because you need to use an external heater, that doesn’t mean it needs to have a very simple design. That’s why you need to address it wisely and the results themselves are among some of the best. This unit, in particular, is a very popular choice because it’s adaptable, easy to use and it also covers a vast range of features for you to explore. It works great for any garden or terrace. You will also like the fact that it has a drawer for emptying the ashes, that’s extremely convenient and dependable. In case you want a salt and chlorine treatment, you can easily go for the 316 stainless steel option.  The unit has its own connecting hoses and a 2-meter chimney with its own rain hat. Not only does it last for a very long time, but it brings in very good quality and value.

Snorkel submersible hot tub water heater

This submersible water heater comes with an incredible design and 3 different sizes you can choose from based on your hot tub size. It’s an amazing product and you won’t have to worry about losing any heat. You get all the accessories you need like heater protection and a dedicated minibar. The quality is stunning and you’re always getting a great quality. Plus, the product itself comes with a 1.2 m chimney and its own rain hat. It really delivers the value and quality that you need, and the experience itself is nothing short of staggering all the time. Just try to give it a shot as it really is an amazing hot tub water heater with incredible value for money.

Who should use a hot tub water heater?

Everyone that owns a wooden hot tub and who needs professional and safe heating solutions should check any of the products above. They are amazing and really bring in front of incredible value for money. You will be heavily impressed with the quality and value, and the experience is nothing short of stunning. It’s always a very good idea to give it a try for yourself and see just how much of a difference your hot tub water heater can make. You can enjoy heated water at any given time, even if it snowed outside or if it’s freezing cold. The true focus here is on value and quality, and you will be extremely impressed with the results. Nothing is impossible, all you have to do is to check these products out and our team will be there to help every step of the way. It’s an incredible experience, and you will be more than happy with the results. Plus, these hot tub water heaters are extremely high quality, durable, and created from the top of line materials. Give them a try today!

Snorkel, Submersible or external wood-burning hot tub heaters?

Outside external heater for hot tub

Wood-fired heaters are specially produced for wooden hot tubs. The main advantage of having an external heater is that it provides more space in the tub while having an internal model, one can put fuel without getting outside the hot tub. 2 mm stainless steel is used to produce the stoves. It must be noted that if there is a possibility of water getting frozen, it should be drained from the oven. The heat which comes from the fire is transferred to water through a complex oven`s double surface.

how does a wood-fired hot tub heater work

Due to gravity, pre-heated water goes up and pressure pushes hot water to the wooden hot tub from the heater. Water circulates itself without any electric pump. However, if necessary, a water pump might be connected.

Installation of wood hot tub heaters

Wood-fired heater, differently than the heater for the outside sauna, is connected to the hot tub using connection pipes that come with the delivery package. This package combines metal pipes and flexible rubber hoses with presses on it for a safe connection. 2 m length chimney and rain hat is also in the package.

Connecting the heater to the outdoor hot tub

  • The oven should be standing on the horizontal surface;
  • It should be standing ~15 cm lower than the hot tub in order to maintain the inclination of the upper hose. This is necessary in order to provide full circulation process;
  • The opening of Ø50 mm should be made for installing an upper hose. The upswing from the bottom should be around 190 mm;
  • The same opening should be made on the opposite side of the hot tub for lower hose;
  • The upper and lower pipes should be connected with an oven.

In winter all water should be drained after using a hot tub. This should be done due to frost possibility. Water can get frozen and ice expands its volume, therefore, damaging the interior of the oven. Attention: if sea or chlorine water is used, it becomes necessary to rinse the oven with fresh water.

Different stainless steel grade used for log fired stove production

Grade 430. This type of stainless is a common choice. However, we do recommend upgrading the metal to 316 stainless steel since no chlorine, salts or other water treating solutions can be used, as in the long-term it will damage the metal.

Grade 316. Stainless steel is also non-magnetic. This stainless steel has the best corrosion-resistant properties. We highly recommend this grade since in the long term you will forget the rust problems.

Electric heaters for wooden hot tubs

Together with wood-fired stoves, we offer electric heaters. We have a wide selection in terms of power and use. One can choose from 3 kW to 18 kW. The most popular choice is a 6 kW heater which heats the hot tub in approximately 3 hours if the tub is completely insulated. In terms of connectivity, we do offer 220V or 380 V, single-phase or 3 phases versions. When selecting an electric heater for hot tubs, please verify your house`s electricity allowance to make sure you are not getting overpowered. Electric heaters come together with a water circulation pump which is needed to run the water through the system.

Wood Fired Heater for Hot Tubs



Beautiful different designs


Decent power of each model


Wood burning or electric models



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