Winter Hot Tub Care

Winter is coming! Nothing compares to a steaming bath as the snow falls from the sky during a cold winter’s night. Enjoy this blissful activity all winter long by following our winter hot tub care guide.

When heating a hot tub during colder days

It will take longer than usual since both the initial water temperature and outside temperature are significant factors. Make sure to cover the tub while it is warming up.

When temperatures drop below freezing

In colder climates, where sub-zero temperatures are the norm, one has to make sure that water will not freeze in the wood hot tub. Since water expands when freezing, the increase in volume could cause serious damage to the fiberglass or polypropylene tub lining, wooden panels, heaters and massage systems.

will hot tub freeze winter

It is important to plan ahead. Let us say temperatures drop to -5°C and the hot tub is filled to the top. If one plans to use the hot tub the next day, water can be left in the hot tub as an amount that large would not freeze up quickly. However, if the hot tub sits unused for a week or longer, then it is necessary to completely empty it.

is hot tub good for winter

Nothing compares to a hot tub experience in winter. Some winterizing options must be foreseen and you are good to go!

Of course, if temperatures drop even lower, say -10°C and under, this time frame shortens and the same amount of water freezes up much quicker.

Emptying the tub completely means not only draining all the water out but also making sure there is no water left in various connections and hoses. Do not forget to check for water residue in the heater.

If the hot tub has an air bubble massage system installed, residual water from the pipes and hoses of this system needs to be blown out. First drain the tub completely, then turn on the air massage blower and leave it running for 5 to 7 minutes until all of the residual water runs out.

As for the hydro massage system, it does not need to be additionally drained (water is completely drained from the system once the blower is turned off).

When winterizing a hot tub

If the tub will sit unused all throughout winter, it should be prepped for “hibernation”. First, water must be drained completely (from the tub, its heater, massage systems and other connections), this concerns all types of tubs – fiberglass, polypropylene and wooden. If there is an external water release tap installed, come insulating cloth may be wrapped around it. Filters, massage pumps or any other spa equipment should be disconnected and stored indoors.

If one is winterizing a wooden tub, then factors such as humidity should be considered. It is not recommended to leave a wooden tub standing empty for a long time as then the wood may dry out. Fortunately, humidity during winter is relatively higher, therefore in colder climates, wooden tubs can be left to sit empty. No need for additional covers (that way air can circulate freely).

To quickly recap: 1) keep the hot tub cover on when heating it up, 2) plan ahead – if you are using the hot tub very frequently, water will not freeze up if you leave it in the tub, 3) if the tub sits unused, empty all of the water out, 4) enjoy your hot tub during the winter months.

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