Tips on how to choose the heating method for the hot tub that will best meet your criteria and your lifestyle

The external wood-burning oven, integrated wood-burning oven, internal wood-burning stove, electric heater, or pellet stove… With so many choices, how do I decide which one of these various oven options to choose for my hot tub?

In this article, we will briefly cover the main advantages and disadvantages of each type of heating option, to help you to choose the heating method that will best meet your criteria, your possibilities, and your lifestyle.

Integrated wood-burning stove

This is one of the most popular, most chosen, and practical solutions. It can be integrated in fiberglass hot tubs only. It is practical because it does not occupy any extra space in your garden, neither it takes up much space inside the hot tub. It is also easy to use – because you just need to open the oven doors located outside and load the firewood and heat up the water. After everything is done all, you need is to swipe up the ashes from the outside of the hot tub, so no dirt will get inside the hot tub.

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External wood-burning stove

The external wood-burning stove is the best choice for those who look for as much space as possible in the hot tub. It can be installed in all wooden, polypropylene, or fiberglass hot tubs. The stove is connected to the hot tub by two hoses – oven connections that are around 70 cm long. However, as a hot tub with an external stove is more spacious, there is more sitting space, the water volume is also a little higher and therefore the heating time is somewhat longer than, for example, with an integrated or internal heater. Also, you need to keep in mind that an external wood-fired oven takes up additional space adjacent to the hot tub, so extra space and a sturdy surface are needed to place such an external wood-burning stove. As well as the oven connections need to be placed horizontally, they should not be curved, crocked or so on, otherwise, there will be no circulation.

Internal wood-burning stove

An internal wood-burning stove is perhaps the simplest, least expensive, but at the same time very practical and very popular choice for heating. The main advantage of this stove is the fact that it is immersed directly in the water – oven walls touch the water but are separated by a wooden fence protecting the user. That means that the heating time is faster compared to integrated or external wood burners. However, have in mind that this stove occupies quite a bit of space inside the hot tub, therefore, this will probably not be the best choice if you are looking for a spacious hot tub to gather all your friends together.

Electric heating

Electric heating is a perfect choice for those who don’t want to spend time loading wood, controlling fire, and sweeping up the ashes. It is a perfect smoke-free option, which can help to deal with neighbors or local institutions in order to get a permit for the hot tub. An electric-heated hot tub may not have the charm of a traditional wood-fired hot tub, but it is one of the easiest ways to heat your hot tub, as heating starts with a push of a button. It also has a built-in thermostat that can be set to the desired temperature, and it will keep that temperature until turned off. Meanwhile, the water temperature when using a wood-burning heater should be regulated by measuring it with a thermometer and pouring in cold water if needed. We offer electric heaters of 6, 9, 12, 15, or 18 kW. The more powerful the heater – the shorter the heating time. However, have in mind that only the 6kW heater can work on a single-phase supply. If the heater is more powerful, a 3-phase electric supply will be necessary.

Pellet stove

This heater uses new-age technology to improve on the ancient traditions of a Nordic spa. In an effort to, save our clients valuable time, we have equipped the oven with a built-in automated system, which allows the user to initiate the heating process of a hot tub – remotely. Via the ANDROID OR iOS APP, a user can choose and set the desired temperature to be not only reached but also automatically maintained by the oven. This means no longer will you have to wait patiently in harsh weather and maintain the fire until the hot tub is ready to be used. Just set your preferred settings during the day, and once you come back home from work, the hot tub will be set and ready for your enjoyment. The oven is powered by wooden pellets which can be stocked in a fitted chamber compartment in advance.  The wooden pellets not only produce more heat for less money but are also more easily stored and handled than logs. The oven chamber can store enough pellets for multiple uses of the hot tub and can easily be refilled when necessary. The pellets are automatically moved from the chamber compartment into the combustion compartment to maintain the fire and reach the desired temperature. This protects you from having to handle the heating process yourself which limits any possibility of fire or heat harm. The oven requires minimal maintenance which can be limited to cleaning the combustion chamber once every couple of months.


So, in conclusion, there is a wide selection of ovens and other heating options that you can find offered in TimberIN products. Each of the options is individual, has its own advantages or disadvantages, and can be adapted to every situation or your need. The only thing that is left is to plan, compare everything, decide and then enjoin the pleasure of owning the hot tub.

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