Preparing The Base for The Outdoor Sauna

In today`s article, we are going to address the necessity of a well-prepared ground base for an outdoor sauna. This is a quite common question that we receive from our customers who are going to soon be the owners of a garden sauna. Well, let’s dive straight to it.

What needs to be considered before starting the ground base works

First, one should decide the exact place where the sauna will be standing. Mostly, one would be looking at the simple unprepared ground grass-growing area. One needs to decide on the size of the area that needs to be prepared for the wooden sauna. The size of the ground usually follows the size of the sauna`s base but not always because it depends on the design and style of the sauna.

2m Igloo Sauna Base Sketch
2 meters barrel sauna base sketch
2m Barrel Sauna Base Sketch
2 meters igloo sauna base sketch

Before building a base always check sauna measurements with our team.

The first thing to do is to remove the grass growing layer of approx. 5-10 cm. This is necessary to avoid unstable spots that could block the water drainage. One should note that water accumulation is stickily forbidden, and a well-draining area should be foreseen. The base of the sauna is usually made of wood and water could result in fungus and rot that eventually would weaken the structural stability of the building.

Secondly, the soil under the grass growing area must be consolidated and well-leveled. The well-leveled surface is required to ensure the stability of the outdoor sauna. Failing to do so may result in different pressure forces which eventually would cause the cracks and various visible deformations of the sauna.

Lastly, one should take care of the top layer on which the sauna will be positioned. This layer will be responsible for water drainage. Gravel would perfectly fit this purpose.

Top Sauna Base Layer From Gravel
Top sauna base layer from gravel

The main and common base preparation is described above but there are countless options and possibilities. Please see the gallery below where you will find many different base preparation examples that we gathered throughout years of continuous work with our customers.

how to build outdoor sauna

To build a great outdoor sauna one needs to start from preparing the solid base. The solid base is crucial to the life span of the sauna. Having this first step failed will result in various crackings, strength loss, and deformations. Here are some tips and examples.

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