The Purchase Process of The Outdoor Sauna and Hot Tub

Although these days online shopping has become quite the norm, many people still have a certain stigma attached to buying online. This perceived risk exponentially grows when purchasing an expensive item like a hot tub or a sauna. This blog article is meant to explain the TimberIN purchase process and hopefully clear out any doubt our future clients may have. The purchase process would look like this:

Wood fired hot tub packed
Wood fired hot tub packed

1) Firstly we discuss the wants and needs of a customer, as well as recommend what seems to suit them best. Then we must agree on a product model. This includes all the specifications, any unique requests, and price. Once this procedure has been finalized, TimberIN issues a proforma invoice as well as a purchase contract that includes everything that has been discussed for the client to inspect. In case of a misunderstanding, the client may note what is wrong with the documents at which point they can be altered.

2) Once everything seems as it should be the client must make an initial payment of 50% of the total price. This can be done via all major payment methods: Direct bank transfer; Credit or Debit cards. Once TimberIN has received the payment, the product is put into our internal schedule and manufacturing begins.

3) During the manufacturing, delivery details can be ironed out. In case the client cannot accept the hot tub on a date previously agreed upon, it can be changed to a more suitable date. In some cases, the delivery address must be changed, which can also be arranged if needed.

Building process DIY of an outdoor pod sauna
Building process DIY of an outdoor pod sauna

4) Once the manufacturing is finished, the client is sent pictures of the final product to inspect. If something is wrong or not to the clients liking it can still be altered.

5)Once everything is as expected, the client is expected to make a second payment of 50%. This point can be quite worrisome for some clients, as they feel like they are taking a risk by paying the money without having the product. Nevertheless, after hundreds of satisfied customers, we have built a reputation that can guarantee the delivery of the production.

6) Once the second payment is received, the product is loaded onto the appropriate vehicle and delivered to the clients specified location. Upon delivery, the client is expected to inspect the goods and make sure that everything is as supposed to. For most, the process ends here and they are free to enjoy their purchase. However, sometimes the goods may be damaged during transportation due to various circumstances. If that is the case, the process is similar to any delivery/courier service. Before signing for the package, the client has to detail the damages on a CRM form. Once that has been done all the damaged parts will either be refunded/replaced/or paid for a local repair, depending on the most economical circumstances.

Fiberglass sunken built in hot tub
Fiberglass sunken built in hot tub

Additional accessories can be ordered post-delivery, however, installation services are only offered during the manufacturing, therefore, the client would be responsible for the installation.

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