APP Controlled Wooden Pellet Heater – Stove for Hot Tubs

Here at TimberIN our top priority is providing our clients with a top-quality product that will provide relaxation and unforgettable experiences for family and friends in years to come. In our never-ending quest to improve our products, we have paid close attention to the wishes and needs of our customers. As a result, we are proud to introduce the release of our brand-new state of the art – SMART HEATER FOR WELLNESS HOT TUBS.

The model can be purchased from here. This heater uses new-age technology to improve on the ancient traditions of a Nordic spa. In an effort to save our clients valuable time, we have equipped the oven with a built-in automated system, which allows the user to initiate the heating process of a hot tub – remotely. Via the ANDROID OR iOS APP, a user can choose and set the desired temperature to be not only reached but also automatically maintained by the oven. This means no longer will you have to wait patiently in harsh weather and maintain the fire until the hot tub is ready to be used. Just set your preferred settings during the day, and once you come back home from work, the hot tub will be set and ready for your enjoyment.

The oven is powered by wooden pellets which can be stocked in a fitted chamber compartment in advance.  The wooden pellets not only produce more heat for less money but are also more easily stored and handled than logs. We chose this fuel option not only due to the higher efficiency but also for the ecologic benefits such as a lower output of smoke, ash, and carbon as well as the recycling nature of the pellet itself. The oven chamber can store enough pellets for multiple uses of the hot tub and can easily be refilled when necessary. The pellets are automatically moved from the chamber compartment into the combustion compartment to maintain the fire and reach the desired temperature. This protects our clients from having to handle the heating process themselves which limits any possibility of fire or heat harm. The oven requires minimal maintenance which can be limited to cleaning the combustion chamber once every couple of months.

Using logs in a conventional oven may lead to difficulty in accurately assessing how much wood is required. Furthermore, overshooting the required amount, can potentially damage the oven as well as cause a huge waste of heat and wood. The TimberIN smart oven is equipped with multiple thermosensors which accurately calculate the temperature of the water as well as the necessary fuel requirements. As a result, overheating or underheating will be a thing of the past.

Our new smart oven for remote monitoring and control of the Hot Tub is now available with every wellness fiberglass hot tub with an integrated stove.


  • Fast and time-saving hot tub preparation: especially valuable for hotels, spas, holiday homes, and every busy person
  • Minimal maintenance: which can be limited to cleaning ashes once every couple of months
  • Desired temperature maintenance
  • Low operating costs: less energy use means lower utility costs
  • Wireless: oven system can be monitored and controlled with a smart device and app
  • Smokeless heating – minimized smoke: oven releases a small amount of smoke ONLY at the beginning of the burning process
  • Heating time less than 2-3 hours
  • Winter water freeze protection: can be controlled with an app
  • Oven system with automatic ignition and extinction
  • Efficiently eco-friendly: the smart pellet-burning oven is much more efficient than a standard wood burning heater
  • Remote support: contact us via the app for a fast help
  • Top-quality materials: 316 types of stainless steel ensures long-lasting service of the oven
  • Come back home from work, the hot tub will be set and ready for your enjoyment

This oven will have you socializing with friends and family instead of having to hover over the oven maintaining the fire and temperature for hours. Perfect for commercial accommodation tourism service owners.

6 Replies to “APP Controlled Wooden Pellet Heater – Stove for Hot Tubs”

  1. Hello,

    Where does one get the pellets from?

    Can you select to use logs if you are using it manually without the smart system?

    Do you deliver to Guernsey.

    1. Hello,

      Thank you for interest in our new product.
      Pellets usually can be found in any bigger hardware store. In some countries (in the UK this company pellets can be ordered online and delivered right to your front door.
      With each order, we will add a bag of pellets as a gift 🙂
      Unfortunately, only pellets can be used with our new smart oven heating system.
      Delivery to Guernsey is possible. We can arrange delivery to the nearest seaport in France or directly to the island. If you are interested just select your preferred hot tub model on our website and send us an inquiry.

      Best wishes

  2. Hi there,
    how much pellets does the oven use per one session?
    Let’s say, how many pellets do you need to burn to get to the initial 40 degree celsius from a water that is 10 degrees at start?


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