Wood Pellet Fired hot tub

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Wood Pellet Fired Hot Tub – Wood Fired Hot Tub

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Welcome to our wood pellet fired hot tub – the perfect choice for a relaxing getaway in your own backyard! Discover why this model stands out with these compelling reasons:

  1. Effortless Water Heating with Innovative Pellet Stove: Choose this model for hassle-free water heating. Our wood pellet fired hot tub features an innovative pellet stove, making the water-heating process effortless. Say goodbye to tedious wood stacking – this stove makes it easy and convenient.
  2. Enjoy the Aroma of Burning Wood without the Hassle: Experience the pleasant aroma of burning wood with our new pellet stove. If you appreciate the scent of wood without the manual hassle of loading logs, this model is perfect for you.
  3. Smartphone Control for Ultimate Convenience: Control the entire process from your smartphone. Don’t miss the chance to choose this innovative model and manage temperature and operation effortlessly from the palm of your hand.

Product Features:

  • Highly Customizable Design: Tailor your wood pellet fired hot tub to your preferences with numerous customization options for your personal wellness oasis.
  • Thermowood or WPC Decoration: Choose between high-quality thermowood or WPC decoration. Thermowood, made from spruce wood, treated at high temperatures to resist environmental influences.
  • Integrated Powerful Pellet Stove with 316-grade Steel: The built-in pellet stove with 316-grade steel is resistant to water chemicals. Control it conveniently through the Android/iOS app or the stove monitor. Choose between the integrated or external pellet stove.
  • Optional Electric Heater: Install an electric heater on request to achieve the desired water temperature even in cooler months.
  • Three Types of Covers: Select from wood, fiberglass, or leather-insulated covers to protect and stylishly present your hot tub.
  • Luxurious Thermowood or WPC Steps: High-quality steps for safe access and an aesthetic touch, made from thermowood or WPC.
  • Integrated Floor and Side Insulation: Efficient heat retention and minimized energy consumption with integrated floor and side insulation.
  • Hydro-Massage or Air Bubble Massage System: Add an extra dimension of comfort with a hydro-massage or air bubble massage system.
  • Sand-Water Filter with Elegant Box: Opt for a sand-water filter delivered in an appealing box for water quality optimization and aesthetic accents.
  • 2 or 4 LED Lights with 5 Color Options: Create a mood with 2 or 4 LED lights and 5 color-changing options.
  • WIFI Add-ons for Remote Control: Use optional WIFI remote control to manage massage systems, filters, and electric heaters from anywhere. Prevent freezing in winter with pre-programmed water circulation plans.
  • Three Colors for Fiberglass Interior Lining: Choose from three popular colors (White, Gray, Blue) for the fiberglass interior lining.
  • External Faucet for Draining: Easily drain the hot tub with an external faucet. Optionally, choose a quick garden hose connection.

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**Please note that some parts of the product and stairs are made of wood. This is due to construction resistance reasons.

Please note, you can choose a Smart app-controlled pellet stove or a wood-fired conventional stove below.

Technical sheets and 3D visualizations

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  1. Stuart

    Hi Albert,

    I just want to thank you and your team for a fantastic service and a 1st class product. I could not be happier with the end result. The team have been great from start to finish whether it was a question I had or any updates along the way. Even setting up the filtration system was straight forward thanks to the guide. If I ever get another hot tub, I know exactly where I will be coming for it. I’ve added a few photos now it’s all set up.

    Thanks again for everything.


    Image #1 from Stuart
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  2. Rocco

    In October 2019 I started the project “Extend our home by a Hot Tub for our garden”. I compared many offerings from different producers (Germany, Sweden, Denmark and Lithuania)

    Finally the company TimberIN (Lithuania) convinced me with a very good internet website with many information, examples and a quite good configurator.

    Communication for ordering and after delivery was excellent. I appreciate the very fast response and competent answers to my questions.

    In the meanwhile the hot tub is a highlight in our garden and my family really enjoys the usage 🙂

    Thank you TimberIN !!

    Image #1 from Rocco
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