Outdoor whirlpool hot tub with Smart pellet stove

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Outdoor whirlpool hot tub with Smart pellet stove

Enjoying a great time with your Nordic spa is amazing and fun. Which is why we created a great hot tub with a smart pellet stove. What makes this unique is that the product uses wood pellets, but you can easily control it with the app, and that can be extremely exciting and rewarding.

With our smart pellet stove, you will have no problem controlling the ignition process from your own phone. On top of that, the app helps you track the water temperature both at the surface and at the bottom of the tub, not to mention you can set a certain temperature that you find ideal. It helps immensely and it can bring in front a very good experience all the time. Plus, it’s exciting and it pushes the results to the next level in a stellar and exciting manner.

Thanks to our smart features, you will have no problem preparing the hot tub in advance. The wood pellets can be handled and stored with ease, since the heat chamber can easily store lots of pellets for many uses. After the heater activates, the pellets are moved to the combustion chamber where the unit will retain your desired temperature. This is an incredible technology and one that offers a wonderful Nordic spa hot tub experience while also integrated the latest smart tech available in the field.

This innovative system makes water heating simpler and more convenient than ever before. We make it easy for you to set the desired temperature and you can also monitor it from your device. It’s a seamless, exciting way to enjoy your hot tub experience while also using high tech features that you can cherish and enjoy all the time. Stay away from harm and get more control over the water heating process, all with this amazing product!

The hot tub is designed with the Nordic region in mind. For this reason, the material chosen is not only extremely weather-resistant but also has an incredibly long lifespan. It can be used in the harshest of conditions, in temperatures far beyond the freezing point. As high altitude does not affect the qualities of the materials this is the perfect hot tub for those who are looking for the perfect addition to their high altitude mountain escape. Gaze over the frost-covered mountaintops from your luxury hot tub without any fear of the cold.

There is no longer a need to worry about the moisture levels. Host the most memorable party of the century along with your friends in the new Wellness Scandinavian model. Fiberglass interior matched with Neural material makes it the perfect combination to accommodate not only a large crowd but intense movement. The fiberglass liner provides a solid base capable of seating a large company of friends while the outer panels are highly waterproof. The water can be splashed continuously no matter the season, and you will no longer have to worry about moisture levels of the timber or possible rot.

All of the mentioned qualities make this hot tub require exceptionally low maintenance. Any summer/vacation house can be enhanced with this hot tub. It doesn’t matter if you choose to get away for your winter vacation or just want to spend a relaxing weekend, the hot tub will be ready the second you get there.

Base – support frame of this model only of 304 stainless steel instead of wood!  Maximum stability and longevity!

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LED lights

The LED light gives a pleasant effect. The most popular choice is 2-3 units. 5 different colours; Water resistant IPX5; AC220-240V; 50/60 Hz;

Electric heater

The electric heater comes together with the pump. The power of the electric heater is 6kW each therefore it requires special installation where electric fuses are used. Possible electric connection: 220 V (1 phase); 380 V (3 phases).

Water massage system

Water massage system is powered by 220 V. Nozzles are installed in the walls therefore water massages your body horizontally. The massage effect is stronger compared with air bubble massage. Water must be drained from the pipes in winter period. Water massage effect video below. 6 massage jets; CE-marking; Input: 0,9 kW; 230 V – 50 Hz;

Air bubble massage system

Air bubble massage system is powered by 220 V. Nozzles are installed in walls (sometimes in benches) near the seats. The massage effect is weaker compared with hydro massage. Air runs though the pipes therefore in winter there is nothing to drain. 12 massage jets; CE-marking; Input: 0,7 kW; 230 V – 3,3 A.

Sand filtration system

The sand filtration system is connected to the hot tub through the two stainless steel hoses. The system is powered by 220 V. Filtration is highly recommended to almost all models. It filtrates all organic particles.

Thermal insulation

  • Wall thermal insulation is a very effective way to heat water faster and to keep it warm for a longer time. It is a very common choice.
  • Bottom insulation (wall insulation is not included). Together with wall insulation, it enables to achieve faster heating time and to maintain the water temperature at a steady level.
  • Insulated lid, if ordered together with wall and bottom insulation, provides the maximum thermal effect.

Type of stainless steel

  • Stainless steel 430. This type of steel can be used only with clear, natural water without any products containing salts or chloride. In this particular choice sand filtration system is highly recommended.
  • Stainless steel 316 is resistant to all kinds of solutions including salts and chloride. Useful for hotels or other public places where the hot tub is used very often.

Do you have more technical questions? Please first read our user manual.


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  1. Stuart

    Hi Albert,

    I just want to thank you and your team for a fantastic service and a 1st class product. I could not be happier with the end result. The team have been great from start to finish whether it was a question I had or any updates along the way. Even setting up the filtration system was straight forward thanks to the guide. If I ever get another hot tub, I know exactly where I will be coming for it. I’ve added a few photos now it’s all set up.

    Thanks again for everything.


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    Image #1 from Stuart
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