Guide to selecting the outdoor sauna


I guess you are looking for an outdoor sauna, am I right? If so, you are in a good place. Let‘s start by analyzing the possibilities that one can choose and you will see that these can confirm everyone’s needs. We have so many different variations that you simply should think about what you would like your future sauna to be, and be sure, we will make it. As you might already know, there are four different sauna types we offer, barrel, igloo, rectangular and vertical. There are many things to consider, so let’s discuss them step by step.

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A Guide for selecting the wood for a hot tub or outdoor sauna

TimberIN Wood Panneling For Hot Tubs

Have you ever wondered how hot tubs differ from one another depending on wood type?

Many decisions must be made to choose the perfect wooden hot tub. Starting with model, size, color, wood and ending with accessories. If your decision is to have a completely natural product – a handmade wooden hot tub, you should consider which timber suits your expectations the best. There are five types of timber that are most common among our customers. Siberian spruce, larch, thermo wood, oak and red cedar. All of them are different in color and texture as well as in wood characteristics. Wooden hot tubs require more maintenance in general, but it depends on the wood type too. So which type of timber is the perfect choice for you? Find out below!

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All you need to know about the hot tub or sauna transport packaging


Your hand-crafted hot tub or sauna is finished! – what happens then?

It won’t be long before you can enjoy a relaxing bath, but first, your hot tub or sauna must be carefully packaged – it should be placed on a sturdy base, strapped in place and wrapped with a protective layer. A well-packaged parcel is both easier to transport and unload. Here at TimberIN, we place great importance on the packaging to ensure that your brand new hot tub or sauna arrives in perfect condition.

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