Wood burning hot tub with integrated stove

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Wood burning hot tub with integrated stove

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Welcome to Our Wood Burning Hot Tub with Integrated Stove – Elevate Your Outdoor Relaxation!

Discover the authenticity and popularity of our wood burning hot tub with integrated stove, the ultimate model that takes your outdoor relaxation to a new level. Here’s why you should choose this model:

  1. Unique and Authentic Design: Immerse yourself in the charm of our unique and authentic design, making it a clear favorite. The integrated wood stove ensures the quickest heating time, creating a cozy atmosphere, transforming your garden into a relaxation oasis.
  2. Ideal for Family Luxury Moments: This model is the perfect choice for families seeking luxurious outdoor moments together. Accommodating 4 adults and 1 or 2 children, our Jacuzzi Garten with Holzofen provides an ideal setting for quality time in a cozy environment.

Product Features:

  • Highly Customizable Design: Tailor your Jacuzzi for the garden to your preferences, creating your personal outdoor sanctuary.
  • Thermowood Decoration: Aesthetic Thermowood decoration made from high-quality spruce wood treated at high temperatures for resilience against environmental influences and long-lasting durability.
  • Integrated Powerful 35 kW Wood Stove with 316-grade Steel: The integrated wood stove with 316-grade steel is not only powerful but also resistant to water chemicals, ensuring longevity.
  • Optional Electric Heater: Install an electric heater upon request for maintaining the desired water temperature in cooler months.
  • Three Types of Covers: Choose between wood, fiberglass, or leather-insulated covers to protect and stylishly present your Jacuzzi.
  • Luxurious Stairs in Two Variants (A and C): Select between two luxurious stair types (A – straight stairs and C – round stairs) to enhance your personal wellness experience stylishly.
  • Integrated Floor and Side Insulation: Efficient heat retention and minimized energy consumption with integrated floor and side insulation.
  • Hydro-Massage or Air Bubble Massage System: Add an extra dimension of comfort with a hydro-massage or air bubble massage system.
  • Sand-Water Filter with Beautiful Wood Cladding: Opt for a sand-water filter delivered with appealing wood cladding for water quality optimization and aesthetic accents.
  • 2 or 4 LED Lights with 5 Color Options: Create a mood with 2 or 4 LED lights and 5 color-changing options.
  • WIFI Add-ons for Remote Control: Utilize optional WIFI remote control to manage massage systems, filters, and electric heaters conveniently from anywhere, preventing freezing with pre-programmed water circulation plans in winter.
  • Three Colors for Fiberglass Interior Lining: Choose from three popular colors (White, Gray, Blue) for the fiberglass interior lining.
  • External Faucet for Draining: Easily drain the Jacuzzi with an external faucet, with an optional quick garden hose connection.
  • Delivery to all European countries is possible upon request.

Bestseller – Wood Burning Hot Tub with Integrated Stove: Realize your dream of a personal Jacuzzi in the garden. Order today and immerse yourself in pure luxury and relaxation!

Technical sheets and 3D visualizations


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Hot Tub Expand 3d

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19 reviews for Wood burning hot tub with integrated stove

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  1. David

    Hi Albert

    I hope you are well.

    We have finally installed our hot tub and our first guests arrive next week to try it out – picture attached.


    Image #1 from David
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  2. Martin

    First dry day since the TimberIn Royal was delivered so I’ve taken the opportunity to get it commissioned for use when the sun shines. Really easy to get ready and the people at TimberIn have been very helpful – quick to reply to emails with good advice and internet links.

    High-quality finish, lit first time without trouble, and the water was hot in less than 3 hours with just half a dozen logs (on a cold day in February!!!).


    Image #1 from Martin
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  3. Jamie

    Excellent experience from start to finish with TimberIN
    Albertas was very helpful and patient when I was choosing the different options that I wanted and answered every question and email I sent.
    Before I knew it I was emailed pictures of my completed hot tub even quicker than the lead time I was given.
    Delivery was great although unfortunately, it came the day after it was expected due to bad weather.

    Thanks very much!

    Image #1 from Jamie
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  4. Theressa

    Review for Fiberglass lined hot tub with integrated burner thermo wood [Wellness Royal]
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Image #1 from Theressa
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  5. Lisa

    Review for Fiberglass lined hot tub with integrated burner thermo wood [Wellness Royal]
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Image #1 from Lisa
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  6. Paul

    Hi Albert,

    I tried posting my photos to your posts on Facebook or web page. If it’s ok can you guide me or if you can add great.
    I can’t express just how helpful and professional the team are at TimberIN. I admit I was nervous ordering but with some helpful advice and chatting on the phone. I ordered. Both Sauna and tub arrived at the west coast of Ireland ahead of schedule and even better quality than pictures can show. I still have some finishing touches to complete around but so happy I went for it. Live life folks.

    Thanks, team TimberIN



    Image #1 from Paul
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  7. John

    Dear Albertas

    Overall we are happy with the hot tub, and have been enjoying it over the last few weekends.


    Image #1 from John
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  8. James

    Smallshaw Spa enjoying it’s new wood-fired tub in its new outdoor space.

    Fantastic service from start to finish and a perfect product compliments our Spa perfectly.

    Image #1 from James
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  9. Xavier

    Review for Fiberglass lined hot tub with integrated burner thermo wood [Wellness Royal]
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Image #1 from Xavier
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  10. Samuel


    Sorry it took me a while to install everything.

    Everything is fine and we are enjoying it, recommending your company to our friends.

    You will find a nice picture attached.

    Image #1 from Samuel
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  11. Elaine

    Dear Albert,
    Please find attached a photo of the hot tub, I have more if you’d like.
    Thank you
    Best regards,

    Image #1 from Elaine
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  12. Alex

    Albert and the team have been absolutely outstanding. I must admit I initially had reservations sending money overseas however it was a great decision. The craftsmanship is excellent, the design is great and the customer service second to none.

    Image #1 from Alex
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  13. Ahrooran

    Simply unbelievable – TOTAL bliss
    5 STARS for the value of money, quality of build, low maintenance, aesthetics, and customer service

    I purchased a wooden / fibreglass tub with jets – drinks shelf, stirring paddle, LED.

    LEAD time 5-6 weeks – delivery fantastic

    Value of money – cheaper than any quality electric hot tub ( not inflatables, however you want to avoid those)
    Able to customize what u want and your price budget

    Quality of build
    Solid, insulated maximum, looks fantastic no leaks

    Low maintenance
    So much cheaper than electric to run – on average £3 of wood to heat up from cold and stays hot for at least 48 hours – small regular top-ups will give constant heat for days, as opposed to electric could be £50 to heat and between £3-5 to keep warm. So miles cheaper than an electric BOTH on cost and maintenance.
    NOT ONLY that – no chemicals, no chlorine as tub can be emptied very easily using external water tap every 2-3 uses so COST saved on that as well

    Customer service
    Excellent, good price, no problems with the delivery, kept informed at all times, pictures sent during the build process

    One point I would say is that an instruction Manual could be given with the tub regarding final build or maintenance regarding cleaning and fill instructions but this can be easily Google’d online

    All in all fantastic service and cost for the quality received!

    Image #1 from Ahrooran
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  14. Carl

    Dear Albert, We really love the hot tub, it looks and feels great! After the initial task of setting up of Sand Filter and UV Light, which was a little time consuming, the hot tub has been brilliant. Thanks too for being so accommodating and supporting us with our space issues and the delivery drivers were lovely

    Image #1 from Carl
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  15. Rachel

    Our hot tub arrived around 8 weeks ago and so far it’s been great. Production was a little longer than we originally thought it would be but only by a couple of weeks and that was with the pandemic going on. Communication from the company was reasonably good. They responding to most of our queries promptly. We did get cheaper prices from other companies but in the end decided that we wanted to go with the company with lots of reviews so we knew it would be legit. The hot tub itself has been great. Seems well made and exactly as we specified. We’re now thinking we might upgrade to the sand filtration system but otherwise very happy with everything!

    Image #1 from Rachel
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  16. James

    Wow…well worth the wait though,
    she’s a beauty..with a high build quality.

    We had a few teething problems, which were quickly resolved by Albert and his team, via email and phone.

    I do agree, the UV filter connectors aren’t the best, but I have found a work round for that so no worries. One thing I would say is be prepared for the delivery..it will take more than the recommended 3 -4 men. A Hoist genie and pallet truck with 8 people is more like it.

    We are very pleased with the product TimberIN have provided, and we are currently enjoying wood burning hot tubbing at its best.!

    Thank you

    Image #1 from James
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  17. Andrew

    Hi Albert

    See attached photo. For feedback if your putting on website most people in UK will be most concerned about transferring money to a foreign company which is why I have discussed below –

    Being from the UK I was obviously worried about paying such a large amount to a foreign company, I carried out a fair amount of research and decided I would take the risk and proceed. I can honestly say it was a good decision, the hot tub was slightly delayed due to covid 19 impact but if I emailed for an update I got a response within 24 hours.
    The quality of the hot tub is very good even down to the stainless grate and Ash pan.
    I found Transferwise to be the best method to pay and reduce fees.
    One piece of advice, don’t under estimate the weight, it took us some time to get the hot tub into position in the back garden but we’ll worth it.


    Image #1 from Andrew
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  18. Irene and John

    Dear Albert,
    We have finished installing the spa. Many thanks.

    Image #1 from Irene and John
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  19. Joachim

    After many years of dreaming about our own hot tub we finally installed one in our little garden 😁 Thank you TimberIN for the great service and product 👍

    Image #1 from Joachim
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