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Wooden hot tubs round for 4 – 10 Persons

Searching for certain tips on how to construct wooden hot tubs? We are looking to share the fundamental strides to construct wooden hot tub DIY. There’s nothing more satisfying than an effective piece of DIY. Why not set up and assemble your own wooden hot tub? We’ll give you the know-how. While some who construct their own hot tub utilize a huge plastic compartment and include wooden cladding, we don’t need to go the entire way. So we’ll tell you the best way to make a completely wooden hot tub. But before that, one should know the advantages and drawbacks. First of all, wooden hot tubs are a completely natural product. The walls and bottom are completely wooden from inside and outside. This fact sets wooden hot tubs apart from fiberglass or polypropylene models.  Visually the walls of polypropylene or fiberglass tubs are also made of wood but that is only a decoration decking the insulation layer and various other plumbing parts. The size of wooden hot tubs varies between 1400 – 2200 mm and it is not limited to that. The form can be round or oval.

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How do we build wooden hot tubs (DIY)

There are some limitations to building wooden hot tubs. Due to its nature, only air bubbles and LED lights can be installed into the bottom of the wooden hot tub. The Hydromassage system can not properly be installed since there is no place to hide various water pipes that go around the unit.

Also, there is no way to install the thermal insulation since wooden hot tubs tend to leak and there is no place to fix and hide the insulation layers.

Wooden hot tubs can run by wood-fired or electric heaters. Usually, internal or external wood burners are used to heat the water in the wooden hot tub.

Round Wooden Hot Tubs For 4 – 10 Persons 1

9 steps to make your own wooden hot tub

1. Locating the materials

Your first undertaking will be to get wooden staves. Siberian spruce, larch, thermo wood, and red cedar can be used for building wooden hot tubs. The thickness should be approx. 40 mm.

2. Cutting the panels

You’ll need to cut this wood into panels. Search for the flawed segments in the sheets you have purchased and removed those with a crosscut saw or start with a table saw to tear the sheets fifty-fifty preceding reaping the reasonable segments—whichever works best for you.

You’ll obviously have some wood left finished, however, you’ll despite everything be setting aside cash since these sheets are such a great amount of less expensive wood. These abundance bits of wood are likewise helpful for making the seat to go inside the tub or the fence to circumvent the stove—we’ll hit on those later.

How Do We Build A Wooden Hot Tub DIY 1

3. Building the outside rim

Presently it’s an ideal opportunity to fit the panels together, with the goal that they structure a hover around the floor and can hold in the water.

How Do We Build A Wooden Hot Tub DIY 1

As should be obvious, the arched part openings into the sunken part to shape a joint.

How Do We Build A Wooden Hot Tub DIY 2

You’ll have to run the load up through the bit multiple times altogether. It might require, moreover, to be gone through a planer. You may wind up with some gouging on the essence of the bullnose—utilize a little shaper device to expel it.

How Do We Build A Wooden Hot Tub DIY 3

4. Constructing the bottom

For the floor, you’ll likewise need to utilize wood sheets cut into joints. Having a thick floor is a smart thought—you’ll have to make sure about the seats tight set up with longer screws as they can once in a while become light in the water and come free from the floor, drifting to the top.
Utilize some wooden joists underneath the floor to lift the tub to ensure proper air ventilation under it.
Further, one should mark a required size hover on the floor and cut it out with a dance saw. Secondly, one should stick the panels together with wood glue. The paste will extend, and you can scratch it off after with a shaper.

How Do We Build A Wooden Hot Tub DIY 3

5. Assembly

To connect the panels to the floor you’ll have to make a joint as shown in the picture underneath.

When this is done, space the panels into the floor. Have a bit of the material you utilized for your floor available to use to test the joints as you come.

How Do We Build A Wooden Hot Tub DIY 2

Possibly make some additional panels to be safe and do the joinery on those as well.

6. Installing the drain

Ensure it’s not introduced where the backings are and that it has leeway over the ground. We additionally include a ball valve down the line so that on the off chance that the press button was unintentionally squeezed we didn’t lose all the water. The external water tap we use is 1 inch in diameter. Silicone the remaining gaps if necessary.

How Do We Build A Wooden Hot Tub DIY 4

2 or 3 stainless steel bands are used to ensure the proper force on the separate wooden staves. Adjust these planks as needed. Wood is a natural material and once in water it will expand therefore the steel bands will need to get loosen. On the other hand, if the tub was left with an insufficient amount of water, the bands will need to be tightened.

How Do We Build A Wooden Hot Tub DIY 5

7. Adding the benches

Utilize remaining panels that have flaws and bunches to make seats as desired. Seats may go round the bottom if the external stove will be used or some space must be left empty to fit the inside heater. 

How Do We Build A Wooden Hot Tub DIY 4
How Do We Build A Wooden Hot Tub DIY 6

8. Placing the stove

Presently it’s a great opportunity to introduce the stove. Here’s where you most likely need to purchase a wood stove—a snorkel stove, that is, one which can be submerged in water. The snorkel stove is usually positioned and fixed to the wooden wall with the 4 bolds behind it.

Round Wooden Hot Tubs For 4 – 10 Persons 1

Also, the external wood burner can be used. The external stove is usually positioned next to the unit or no more than 1 m away from the wooden hot tub. The base of a wood stove and the wooden hot tub should be at the same level. If the stove is placed in a different way, the water circulation pump must be used together. The circulation pump will be needed to push water from the burner to the wooden hot tub since different heights and bigger distances won’t ensure the proper water flow.

Wooden Hot Tub Basic Model By TimberIN 17

9. Filling up with water – test run

Now water should be filled up. Ensure that at least 90 cm of water. It’s imperative to keep it full often with the goal that the water pressure on the joints keeps everything tight. Building a cover can be valuable as well. Obviously, you may need to utilize some sealant if there is an excess of spillage. Start the fire inside the burner and keep a paddle to mix the water consequently keeping up even warmth all through the tub.

Round Wooden Hot Tubs For 4 – 10 Persons 10

Spruce wooden hot tubs

Spruce wooden hot tubs have dedicated stoves and they show the resilience and lightness provided by the wood. This is a great one for using at home. Since spruce has great innate qualities, it’s designed to be really good especially when it comes to creating some of the best wooden hot tubs on the market. It’s shrink resistant and it retains its shape. It also has less resin when compared to other types of wood. It still needs treatment, which is something you have to keep in mind. Aside from that, spruce is also known for having relaxation and also healing properties like antibacterial and anti-inflammatory features.

Larch wooden hot tubs

Larch is another great material for wooden hot tubs. This one is extremely robust, of very good quality and it also has resistance to bacterial damage and moisture as well. Aromatherapists are also telling it has a vast range of properties in this field since it keeps neuroses, migraines and heart issues away. Larch maintains a very high density and it’s sturdy too. You have 4 sizes for the larch wooden hot tubs, and they have matching steps, chimney and heater components, drain and the hot tub. That makes it easy to use it the way you want and without worries.

Wooden hot tubs with external heater

Externally heated wooden hot tubs tend to have 3 advantages in total. They don’t require internal space, the interior is larger and visually they look really nice. Also, the external stove is easier to clean and you don’t have to worry about any injuries. All of these add up to deliver a great experience. The downside, however, is that you will end up with a heater that’s a bit more expensive and the heating process can take a bit more than expected.

There are also multiple stainless steel grades as you will find below:

  • 430 is the standard and it’s great if you don’t treat the water. However, you will not be able to use it if you want to use sea salts, bromine, chlorine or any kind of water treatment for that manner.
  • 304 is a non-magnetic grade and it’s resistant to various solutions, however, wood treatments that affect the pH need to be avoided.
  • 316 is a non-magnetic grade, but this one has a vast range of corrosion resistance properties. It’s also chlorine friendly, which is something to take into consideration as much as possible.

A thing to keep in mind is that the Hot Tub Accessories / Upgrades keep the same stainless steel grades. Keep in mind that picking the right grade is very important, and you really need to make sure that everything works as intended so you can avoid any hassle or problems.

Wooden lid

This accessory is handy because it adds a natural effect. Aside from looking great, the main benefit here is that you can maintain the wood fire hot tub free of aby debris. Plus, the water temperature is raised a lot higher, which is something you really want to take into account as much as possible. Sometimes you may have to go with an insulated lid, as it can prevent any hassle and issues that can arise.

Top rim decoration

With this upgrade, you will have a place where you can rest your head-on. Aside from that, it adds elegance to the hot tub, and you really need it in a situation like this. The rim decoration is also useful because you can add candles, drinks and all kinds of stuff there without any worries. Do keep in mind that this type of decoration can end up being damaged by weather conditions. That means it’s subject to wear and tear.

Stirring paddle

Sometimes the wood-fired hot tubs can end up being very hot. A stirring paddle is a good unit that helps you stir the water so you know the right temperature. You will just need 3-4 stirs during the process, but it’s worth it.

Air bubble system

You need this type of accessory if you are interested in the therapeutic effects of these hot tubs. At its core, this is just a simple air blower and the focus is to help you relax your muscle mass. It will install 8-12 jets at the bottom. While it’s not a hydro massage system, it can end up being very helpful.

LED lighting

While this is not mandatory, it’s actually a fun accessory that everyone can have. It’s interesting and it makes your hot tub look great. You will appreciate it, especially during the night, as it offers a vast array of mood lights you can use the way you want.

Chimney heat guard

You want to make sure that you stay away from the stove, and the heat guard can help you with that. You will be able to keep the stray hands away and you can make sure that everyone will be safe and not have to worry about any accidents.

High flow drain tap

This tap will help you drain the water fast and without worries. It’s an elbow shape pipe made out of stainless steel and it will help you drain the tub very fast. You also have a nozzle connecting to a hose, so you can have control over where you drain the water.

Natural linseed oil

Thanks to this natural oil you can easily improve the fresh look of your hot tub. It looks amazing, and it keeps it in very good shape.


Lastly, you need a minibar to enjoy your hot tub. This accessory offers 4 slots so you can add the drinks you need. They are protected, so you don’t end up knocking them into the water. The decoration is great, and it’s an accessible, cool product!

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