What kind of wood should I choose?

In a nutshell, we offer 5 wood types, each with different options:

Siberian Spruce is the most affordable option. It has a light shade and may have visible knots. It is a sturdy wood and with proper maintenance will last for years to come.

Siberian Larch is a great choice for those places where wood is highly exposed to various insects. Larch is much more resistant to insects and decay compared to spruce. It has a light shade. Larchwood is quite heavy.

Thermo wood has undergone high-temperature treatment. During this process, the pores of the wood close up, therefore it does not absorb moisture anymore, and resin evaporates. This type of wood is extremely resistant to decay, it will not rot or warp if exposed to humidity. It has a dark shade and is the lightest weight wise.

Siberian Oak is a luxury choice; however, it can absorb a lot of water thus it tends to shrink or expand. Oak requires much more maintenance.

Red cedar is considered one of the most sustainable building materials. A red cedar hot tub has a red tint. Red cedar has very low shrinkage and is free of pitch and resin.

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