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At TimberIN we offer a wide selection of garden hot tubs. The shells can be cladded in various types of wood. The material is safe, hygienic, and non-toxic, which is perfect for hot tubs. It requires very little if any maintenance and is stain-free.

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Popular outdoor garden hot tubs with inner liner

Pure natural wooden hot tubs

Unlocking Tranquility: A Comprehensive Guide to Garden Hot Tubs

Embarking on the journey of selecting the perfect garden hot tub is a thrilling adventure filled with promises of tranquility and relaxation. Garden hot tubs, in particular, offer a gloriously simple and luxurious experience, leaving first-time users yearning for more. In this guide, we’ll navigate the diverse world of Garden hot tubs, unraveling the types available and providing insights into how your choice can shape years of blissful enjoyment in your garden retreat.

Types of Garden Hot Tubs:

Garden hot tubs come in four distinct types, each offering a unique touch to your tubbing experience. Let’s delve into the details of each, shedding light on their characteristics and differences:

  1. Fibreglass Garden hot tubs: Often hailed as the epitome of luxury, fibreglass-lined hot tubs stand out with their shaped liners nestled within a wooden facade. These liners, thanks to the superior structural properties of fibreglass, are ergonomically shaped for exceptional comfort. The strength of fibreglass makes these tubs the exclusive choice for an integrated external heater, a stylish centrepiece fire that defines their signature feature. The shape of the fibreglass liner not only enhances comfort but also reduces water capacity, allowing for quick drainage and refilling. Cleaning is a breeze with the glossy coating, eliminating internal corners and shaping gentle curves for easier maintenance. The void behind the wooden exterior opens up possibilities for creative accessories such as lights, jets, and bubbles, enhancing the magical experience. Fibreglass liners offer a spectrum of colors and customization options, ensuring your hot tub seamlessly fits into your garden oasis. The separation of bathing water from the timber exterior allows for prolonged water quality through the addition of chemicals and various filtration systems.
  2. Lined Garden hot tubs: Positioned as the “middle ground,” polypropylene-lined hot tubs find harmony between traditional wood-fired and fibreglass-lined counterparts. Fitted internally with a resistant plastic liner, these tubs allow the use of chemicals for extended water hygiene, reducing the frequency of drain downs and cleaning. The discreet fitting of the liner ensures a natural appearance from the outside, making lined tubs a perfect fit for country gardens. Customization options for the exterior further enhance their integration into your garden setting. Whether fitted with internal or external heaters, these tubs offer versatility, accommodating various garden layouts. Poly-lined hot tubs support additional features such as lights, bubbles, and filtration systems, albeit with a more limited range to maintain their natural aesthetic.
  3. Traditional Garden hot tubs: Embracing the purest approach to relaxation, traditional wooden hot tubs crafted from natural timber provide a no-frills way to enjoy nature and warm water. The wood-fired internal or external heaters deliver warmth directly to the bathing water, offering a rustic charm ideal for back-to-nature retreats. With wooden benches supporting bathers, these tubs provide a deeper and more immersive experience than fibreglass alternatives. However, as the bathing water is in direct contact with the timber, traditional wooden tubs require regular draining and cleaning, making them essential for maintaining water hygiene. Cleaning involves a thorough scrubbing each time the tub is drained, but the benefits of the deep, immersive experience often outweigh this effort for owners. Filtration systems can be incorporated, but they don’t reduce the cleaning frequency significantly.

Selecting the ideal garden hot tub involves considerations beyond the surface, delving into the type that aligns with your preferences and the ambiance of your outdoor space.

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Luxurious Outdoor Whirlpool Hot Tubs: Your Gateway to Ultimate Relaxation”

Indulge in the epitome of relaxation with our exquisite collection of Outdoor Whirlpool Hot Tubs. Unveil a world of sophistication and tranquility right in your own backyard. Our diverse range of models caters to various tastes, preferences, and spaces. Let’s explore the luxurious features and customization options that make each of our Outdoor Whirlpools a unique oasis of well-being.

Types of Outdoor Whirlpool Hot Tubs:

  1. Outdoor Whirlpool with Wood Stove, Massage System, and 2 LED Lights:
    • An absolute favorite with an inviting wood stove, premium massage system, and two LED lights for a romantic ambiance.
    • Carefully selected accessories ensure a worry-free wellness experience.
  2. Thermowood Outdoor Whirlpool with Integrated Wood Stove:
    • Crafted from Thermowood, this model allows you to personalize the size and accessories, creating your bespoke whirlpool.
  3. Outdoor Whirlpool with Pellet Stove:
    • Innovative and intelligent design featuring a pellet stove for enhanced control and heating convenience.
  4. Sunken Outdoor Whirlpool hot tub for Terrace Integration:
    • Specifically designed for seamless integration into your terrace, offering various shapes and designs to blend effortlessly with your outdoor space.
  5. Outdoor Whirlpool with External Wood Stove:
    • A beautiful and traditional model with an external wood stove, providing a natural atmosphere and romantic lighting for your warm water relaxation.
  6. Outdoor Whirlpool with Internal Wood Stove:
    • Combining classic elegance with functionality, this model is perfect for those who prefer an internal wood stove.
  7. Outdoor Whirlpool with Integrated Wood Stove for 4–6 Persons:
  8. Electrically Heated Outdoor Whirlpool:
    • A modern option with electric heating, offering easy control options for efficient and instant warmth.
  9. Small Outdoor Whirlpool for 3 Persons:
    • Perfect for smaller spaces or intimate moments, this compact whirlpool is equipped with all the features you desire.
  10. Wooden Hot Tub Models (Spruce or Thermos Wood):
    • Four models available, equipped with internal or external wood stoves and various additional features.
  11. Polypropylene Lined Hot Tubs:
    • Two models available in round and square shapes, providing durable and customizable options.
  12. Mobile Outdoor Hot Tub on the Trailer:
    • Experience the luxury on the go with our mobile outdoor hot tub, conveniently transported on a trailer.

Customization and High-Quality Materials:

Each model offers high-grade customization, allowing the inclusion of massage systems, jets, LED lights, and a filtration system. Material options include spruce wood, larch, Thermowood, and decorative WPC, ensuring durability and aesthetic appeal.

Diverse Heating Options and Sizes:

Choose from various heating options such as wood stoves, electric heaters, gas heaters, and pellet stoves. Our whirlpools come in sizes ranging from 160 cm to 200 cm in inner diameter, accommodating 3 to 10 persons based on the model.

Explore these models closely, and we are confident you’ll find the perfect Outdoor Whirlpool to treat yourself and your loved ones to the ultimate spa experience right at your doorstep.

Outdoor Whirlpool Hot Tubs

Outdoor hot tubs with polypropylene liner



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