I liked the look of Timberin’s saunas and was concerned about the practicability of buying from a company I did not know in far away Lithuania. With Albert’s help, I arranged a visit to an existing UK customer so that I could see what I the products were like. They were better than I had imagined and so the purchase decision was made.
I ordered two saunas and the ordering process worked surprisingly smoothly. After creating an account on-line I was able to discuss my specific requirements. Albert really listened to what I wanted was most helpful in generating a specification that met my needs. Payments were made using a bank transfer and this process again was done entirely on-line. The actual saunas arrived within one week of the final payment. Timberin used their own driver who spoke adequate English and knew what he was doing. I did need to hire a suitable tractor with fork lift to get the saunas off the truck and trailer before moving them to the correct location. The entire process went well.

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