Hot tub winter freeze prevention heater


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Product Description

Titanium heater – water freeze prevention in winter:

Enjoy your hot tub all winter long!

  • Power: 300W;
  • Length: 35mm;
  • Length of the cable: 10m;
  • Polystyrene float.

Instructions for use

➔ To install, push the heater through the middle of the polystyrene float. Please note the recess for the cap.

➔ Place the heater in the water and then insert the plug. The heater should only be used in water.

Important information:

  • Disconnect all equipment from the mains before putting your hand into the water!
  • This product is not suitable for use by people (including children) with restricted physical, sensory or intellectual capabilities or those with no experience or knowledge unless they are supervised by someone responsible for their safety or have been given instructions on using the product. Children should be kept under supervision to ensure that they do not play with the product.
  • The heater may only be used in combination with a ground-fault circuit interrupter with max. 30 mA.
  • The power cable of this heater cannot be replaced on its own. If it becomes damaged, the entire unit must be exchanged.
  • The main plug must be pulled out before removing the heater from the water. Only remove the heater from the water after it has cooled and do not place it on any inflammable material.
  • Before placing the heater in the water, disconnect all other electrical equipment installed in the hot tub!