Wooden hot tub cheap model

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Wooden hot tub cheap model

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If you are a DIY person who loves handcrafting, wooden hot tubs are perfect for you as they may be delivered unassembled. Also, this option is very useful for people who live in places where a large truck cannot reach the desired area for unloading. You may choose from 4 different diameters to fulfill your needs, wood, and heating types. Please keep in mind that it will leak at first because the wood needs to swell. It is widely known that wood needs more maintenance compared to fiberglass or polypropylene, on the other hand, wooden hot tubs are 100 % natural and traditional.

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  1. Simon

    Review for Wooden hot tub cheap basic design
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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  2. Martin

    Hi TimberIN , we have had lots of interest from friends so have shared your web page , hope you get at least a couple of enquiries. Will post some photos soon when i can get the wife to keep her clothes on 😉 Apart from some sap problems, we cannot fault it .


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  3. Diana

    Hi Albert, I’m going to give you more than one photo so that you can choose the one you want. Here is the text:
    Thank you, Albert!

    Timberin make a wonderful hot tub! I chose the Thermawood 1800mm model and it is just what I wanted, at a really good price. We happily get 6 adults in and could get more. It looks beautiful with lovely curved steps going up to it. My guests and friends just love it, and it has been in use almost continuously since the guys delivered it and I had a chance to fill and heat it. The heating is straightforward, and I can use up all sorts of waste wood on it which I can’t use in the log burners (wood with nails, softwood logs etc). I can really recommend Timberin. Diana Clarke – High Swinside Holiday Cottages.


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