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Product Description

Garden Sauna Cabins – Elevate Your Outdoor Relaxation Experience

Embark on a new era of relaxation with our innovative modern outdoor sauna – a masterpiece featuring a glass front and anteroom that not only captivates with its stunning design but also sets the bar for outstanding performance. Our Garden Sauna has been meticulously crafted to fulfill your desire for a wonderful, user-friendly outdoor sauna with an anteroom and a panoramic glass front. Discover a model that not only meets but exceeds your expectations.

Product Features:

  • Glass Front and Anteroom: A unique design with panoramic windows for a fantastic view and a separate changing area for maximum comfort.
  • Size: With a length of 5 meters and a width of 2.4 meters, this modern outdoor sauna provides ample space for a comfortable sauna experience.
  • Material: High-quality wood, available in Thermo- or spruce wood, ensuring durability and a stylish aesthetic.
  • Lighting System: 3 Harvia sauna lamps and LED lighting under the benches for a pleasant atmosphere.
  • Insulation: Complete insulation to minimize heat loss and ensure optimal sauna temperature.

Why Choose This Model?

Spacious and Reliable: The modern outdoor sauna not only presents an impressive appearance but also offers a generous sauna area with changing facilities.

Exceptional Lighting: With 3 Harvia sauna lamps and LEDs under the benches, experience ambient lighting for a relaxing atmosphere.

Superb Insulation: Complete insulation guarantees minimal heat loss, ensuring an efficient and cost-effective sauna experience.

Incredible Views: Enjoy breathtaking views through panoramic windows without compromising on heat insulation.

Create your own open-air paradise with our modern outdoor sauna featuring a glass front and anteroom – a haven for relaxation and rejuvenation. This garden sauna seamlessly blends innovative design, excellent quality, and an unparalleled sauna experience. Order today and immerse yourself in the unbeatable advantages of this extraordinary Garden Sauna.

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