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Experience Ultimate Relaxation and Comfort with Our Mobile Sauna Pod Iglu on Wheels!

Immerse yourself in ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation with our Sauna Barrel Pod Iglu on wheels. This unique product combines tradition and modern mobility to provide you with a truly special sauna experience.

Key Features:

Mobility: Thanks to sturdy wheels, the Sauna Barrel Pod Iglu is easily movable and can be effortlessly transported to various locations. Enjoy your sauna in your backyard, on the terrace, or at your favorite spot in nature.

Traditional Design: The barrel design gives the sauna a rustic and traditional touch. The shape optimizes heat insulation, creating a cozy atmosphere inside.

High-Quality Materials: Constructed from premium wood, the Sauna Barrel Pod Iglu is not only durable but also provides a natural aesthetic. The heat-resistant wood ensures a pleasant sauna climate.

Comfortable Amenities: Inside, you’ll find comfortable seating and a user-friendly control console. The sauna is equipped with an efficient heating source that quickly brings the temperature to the desired level.

Suitable For: The Sauna Barrel Pod Iglu on wheels is perfect for sauna enthusiasts who appreciate flexibility and comfort. Whether alone or with friends, this mobile sauna barrel allows you to enjoy the benefits of a sauna anywhere.

Discover a new dimension of relaxation with our Sauna Barrel Pod Iglu on wheels and indulge in the freedom of a mobile sauna. Immerse yourself in soothing warmth and experience the feeling of freedom wherever you go.

Note: Dimensions of mobile saunas are modified to fit standard trucks with 18m and 40t for transport. Mobile saunas are typically slightly smaller than non-mobile saunas.






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  1. Sam

    I love the sauna, and everyone who uses it comments on how nice it is to have the window to view out of and that the sauna looks very professional!

    I am going to email you about a quote for a second sauna on a trailer.

    Thank you


    Image #1 from Sam
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