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Outdoor Barrel Sauna UK: Elevate Your Garden Paradise

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Explore the beauty of our Wood Barrel Sauna with a wood stove and anteroom – a kit that will enrich your garden sanctuary.

Why Choose This Model?

Beautiful Design: Our sauna stands out with its appealing design. The innovative igloo-pod style seamlessly integrates into any garden landscape, becoming a true focal point.

Versatile Design Options: Choose from a variety of designs to customize the sauna to your preferences. With lengths from 2m to 5m, it accommodates 2 to 12 persons. Crafted from high-quality spruce or Thermowood, it caters to your aesthetic inclinations.

Inclusive Features: The sauna comes with benches, an entrance door, and a small glass window. Opt between the wood stove Harvia M3 or the electric Harvia Cilindro 9 KW heater – both inclusive of stones. Optional insulation is available and highly recommended, especially for saunas with panoramic windows.

Flexibility in Design: Tailor the length of the changing room between 1 and 1.5 meters. A front porch with side benches can be integrated. For instance, you can choose a 4m sauna with a 1m changing room and a 1m porch, resulting in a total length of 4m.

Additional Features: Design the sauna with an impressive side entrance. LED lights under the benches and Harvia lamps create a captivating ambiance. Panoramic windows can cover the back wall by 50%, 80%, or 100%. Roof shingles are available in colors like Black, Brown, or Green.

Easy Kit Delivery: Best of all, this sauna is delivered as a kit, facilitating straightforward transportation and assembly in your garden. Experience relaxing moments in your uniquely designed Wood Barrel Sauna – your personal haven in the green. Order now and enhance your outdoor relaxation space!

Technical sheets and 3D visualizations

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  1. Heather

    Hello Albertas,

    The sauna is completed and I must tell you how very pleased we are with it, it looks amazing. We have yet to fire up the burner but will look forward to that this weekend hopefully.

    The quality of the build is superb and construction was quite straightforward. The service you provided has been outstanding, always helpful, polite and professional. It has been a pleasure.

    I hope this is not too many photos. It’s such a lovely building to take photos of. Our little dog Rio likes the look of the sauna too.

    Image #1 from Heather
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  2. Julien

    Review for Outdoor Barrel Round Sauna
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Image #1 from Julien
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  3. Bart

    Review for Outdoor Barrel Round Sauna
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ☆

    Image #1 from Bart
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  4. Anthony

    We are very pleased with our barrel sauna – the view from the glass window is amazing. We have got the temperature up to 90 deg C so it is working nicely.

    The sauna is very good quality. Because of the space we were building it in we had the sauna delivered unassembled and we had a local handyman assemble it.

    Thank you for your help and advice when required it was appreciated.

    Regards Anthony

    Image #1 from Anthony
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  5. Peter

    I have been delighted with the service from TimberIN, great attention to detail and technically superior to others I had examined. The slow grown timber from the north is stronger and looks much better. The guidance given by TimberIN was invaluable in picking the best options. The team at TimberIN from design to flawless delivery was exemplary and I can recommend them.


    Image #1 from Peter
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  6. Steve

    Dear Albert,

    My Sauna arrived at the depot yesterday at 20.00 Hrs, the delay was mostly due to the illegal immigrants in Calais causing all trucks to be examined.
    The sauna seems to be very well built, and is a very nice design with an interesting and appealing look to it. It may take a week or so to place in the spot I have for it, but I will send you pictures etc, when this is done.
    Many Thanks to your team for their good work.

    Yours sincerely,


    Image #1 from Steve
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  7. Yulia

    Hi Albert,

    I can send you the pictures, but we don’t speak Danish:) is it crucial? I can ask someone to translate:)

    We are happy with the sauna!

    Image #1 from Yulia
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