Outdoor jacuzzi hot tub wood fired 4-6 persons with snorkel burner

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Outdoor jacuzzi hot tub wood fired 4-6 persons

A very affordable, yet outdoor jacuzzi hot tub model. This fiberglass liner is designed specifically for an internal heater, but the walls are conical as in all wellness models, therefore it is very comfortable and of course easy to maintain. One can choose either fiberglass or wooden lid. If you want a more luxurious look, the round wooden edge will definitely make a difference, just look at the pictures. It is not only good looking but practical too. The internal heater will heat the water faster, whereas wall and bottom insulation that is already included, will save you time and money when using the tub. All possible systems may be installed in this model, so do not forget to consider jets, led lights and filtration.

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  • 268

LED lights

The LED light gives a pleasant effect. The most popular choice is 2-3 units. 5 different colours; Water resistant IPX5; AC220-240V; 50/60 Hz;

Electric heater

The electric heater comes together with the pump. The power of the electric heater is 6kW each therefore it requires special installation where electric fuses are used. Possible electric connection: 220 V (1 phase); 380 V (3 phases).

Water massage system

Water massage system is powered by 220 V. Nozzles are installed in the walls therefore water massages your body horizontally. The massage effect is stronger compared with air bubble massage. Water must be drained from the pipes in winter period. Water massage effect video below. 6 massage jets; CE-marking; Input: 0,9 kW; 230 V – 50 Hz;

Air bubble massage system

Air bubble massage system is powered by 220 V. Nozzles are installed in walls (sometimes in benches) near the seats. The massage effect is weaker compared with hydro massage. Air runs though the pipes therefore in winter there is nothing to drain. 12 massage jets; CE-marking; Input: 0,7 kW; 230 V – 3,3 A.

Sand filtration system

The sand filtration system is connected to the hot tub through the two stainless steel hoses. The system is powered by 220 V. Filtration is highly recommended to almost all models. It filtrates all organic particles.

Thermal insulation

  • Wall thermal insulation is a very effective way to heat water faster and to keep it warm for a longer time. It is a very common choice.
  • Bottom insulation (wall insulation is not included). Together with wall insulation, it enables to achieve faster heating time and to maintain the water temperature at a steady level.
  • Insulated lid, if ordered together with wall and bottom insulation, provides the maximum thermal effect.

Type of stainless steel

  • Stainless steel 430. This type of steel can be used only with clear, natural water without any products containing salts or chloride. In this particular choice sand filtration system is highly recommended.
  • Stainless steel 316 is resistant to all kinds of solutions including salts and chloride. Useful for hotels or other public places where the hot tub is used very often.

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  • 268

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  1. Rino

    Review for Fiberglass hot tub with snorkel heater Wellness Basic
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

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  2. Rachel

    Because of the pandemic we still have not managed to complete the decking/privacy shelter but the temptation to jump in before it is complete was too great!!
    Many thanks

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