Swedish hot tub 4 person with snorkel wood stove

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Swedish Hot Tub 4 Person with Snorkel Wood Stove: Uncomplicated Luxury and Innovative Comfort

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Discover the epitome of simplicity and comfort with our Swedish Hot Tub, a 4-person oasis featuring a snorkel wood stove. Embrace uncomplicated bathing pleasure and innovative functions that redefine relaxation. Explore the reasons why our Swedish Hot Tub is the optimal choice for a soothing and hassle-free experience.

Unmatched Convenience with Internal Stove:

Our Swedish Hot Tub is designed for those who appreciate simplicity, featuring an internal wood stove that eliminates the need to step out of the warm water to add wood. No more interruptions during chilly weather – this model ensures a seamless and comfortable bathing experience.

Compact Design for 4 Persons:

Specifically crafted for 4 individuals, this hot tub boasts a generous 180 cm diameter inside, offering a perfect balance between intimacy and space. Experience easy maintenance and maximum relaxation with the fiberglass insert.

Key Highlights:

  1. Wood Decoration Options:
    • Choose from three wood types for decoration: Spruce, Larch, and Thermowood.
  2. Inclusive Comfort Features:
    • Enjoy the convenience of Type B wooden stairs and a wooden paddle for easy water stirring.
  3. Versatile Lid Options:
  4. Comprehensive Insulation:
    • Benefit from both floor and side insulation for optimal heat retention.
  5. Massage System Options:
  6. Sand-Water Filter with Wooden Finish:
    • Choose a sand-water filter with an attractive wooden finish, optimizing water quality while adding aesthetic appeal.
  7. Customizable LED Lighting:
    • Illuminate your experience with 2 or 4 LED lights, offering 5 color change options.
  8. Optional WIFI Add-ons:
    • Control massage devices, filters, and electric heaters remotely, especially during winter, preventing frost damage through programmable water circulation.
  9. Fiberglass Insert Choices:
    • Choose from three popular colors for the fiberglass insert: White, Gray, and Blue.
  10. Practical Features:

Transform your bathing area into a haven of relaxation with the Swedish Hot Tub 4 Person with Snorkel Wood Stove. Order today and indulge in the luxury of uncomplicated bliss, combining innovation with comfort.

Technical sheets and 3D visualizations

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Hot Tub 3d Expand (2)

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  1. Rino

    Review for Fiberglass hot tub with snorkel heater Wellness Basic
    ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

    Image #1 from Rino
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  2. Rachel

    Because of the pandemic we still have not managed to complete the decking/privacy shelter but the temptation to jump in before it is complete was too great!!
    Many thanks

    Image #1 from Rachel
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  3. Eric

    Thank you, we received the device that prevents the tub from freezing in de winter in good condition.

    We have used the hottub every weekend and we love it, the third button is places so the bubbles are working to.

    Below some pictures

    Image #1 from Eric
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  4. Charlotte

    We are so happy with our hot tub! We took delivery of it around a month ago, and we loved it from the minute it arrived – more beautiful than we expected. We love the colour, the wood smells gorgeous, and it looks perfect. We are gradually learning how to manage the temperature with the wood stoked fire, but that’s part of the fun, how it is so natural.
    The communication from the day of order to day of delivery was top-notch. Whenever I made contact with you, your reply was almost immediate.
    Your driver was polite and on time (even early!) And helped us place the tub ready for unpacking.
    Overall super service – a real treat for us to enjoy and would highly recommend. *****

    Image #1 from Charlotte
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