Snorkel submersible hot tub water heater

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Snorkel submersible hot tub wood-burning water heater (26kW, 0 – 2000 l water)

**Delivery time despite COVID19: 3-6 weeks for this model.

The one and only internal model that is everything you need. Of course, you may choose from three sizes according to your tub. Not only snorkel submersible hot tub heaters lose virtually no heat, as they are submerged in the hot tub water, but they have nice accessories like heater protection with a minibar. The unit is made of 316 stainless steel which is resistant to water treatment chemicals. 26 KW would fit all units made for snorkel heaters)

Material: Stainless steel (AISI 316 2-3mm);
Power: 26 KW (0 – 2000 l water);


  •  26 kW – Width:  700 mm; Height: 900 mm; Length: 300 mm; 50 kg

Included in delivery:

  • 2 m chimney with rain hat.
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