Square large hot tub

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Square large hot tub

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If you are a person who loves spending time with friends and is always attracting others, this square large hot tub will definitely help you to organize the best meetings. You can fit up to 16 people in there. Can you imagine a pool party in a tub? What a great time, at night, with LED lights on and a bubble massage. Unforgettable time and fun all over the year, and it does not matter how cold it is outside. This is a great purchase, classy, elegant, and just created for a good friend company. Do you want a round wooden hot tub instead of this square large hot tub? Take a look here.

  • 331

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  1. Louis

    Good morning Albert

    Attached are two photo’s of the Hot Tub in its final position. It is now fully operational and getting used at the weekends by me and the neighbors. Everybody very happy and I am pretty sure that I can assure that it is the mostly westerly hot tub in Europe.

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    Image #1 from Louis
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