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Square Large Hot Tub: Unwind in Style with Our Spacious Soaking Oasis

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Step into relaxation with our Square Large Hot Tubs – a perfect blend of generous space and captivating design, enhancing your garden aesthetics. Discover the compelling reasons why choosing this square model could redefine your outdoor indulgence.

The Ideal Blend of Space and Charm:

Our Square Large Hot Tub boasts a spacious interior, delivering an indulgent bathing experience. The square design not only adds aesthetic appeal but also fits seamlessly into your garden landscape, offering a charming allure to your outdoor haven.

Positioned between a traditional round whirlpool and a sizable outdoor pool, this model excels in size, catering to those dreaming of a private rectangular pool nestled in their garden oasis.

Practical and Aesthetic Benefits:

  1. Generous Space Utilization:
    • The square model maximizes space, intensifying your bathing experience while ensuring the utmost comfort.
  2. Polypropylene Interior for Easy Maintenance:
    • Enjoy maximum bathing pleasure with minimal maintenance due to the polypropylene interior material.
  3. Diverse Customization Options:
    • Tailor your dream hot tub with various customization options to match your personal style and preferences.
  4. Multiple Sizes Available:
    • Choose from four different sizes ranging from 160 x 160 cm to 220 x 220 cm, ensuring a perfect fit for your garden.

Versatile Features for a Personalized Experience:

  1. Wood Stove Options:
    • Equipped with either an external or internal wood stove, allowing you to customize your bathing experience.
  2. Luxurious Extras:
    • Enjoy additional features such as a wooden cover, polypropylene edge, leder-insulated lid, and A+ Type Extra-size stairs for a touch of luxury.
  3. Terrace Integration:
    • Opt for terrace production to seamlessly integrate the tub into your outdoor space.
  4. Material Choices:
    • Choose between Thermowood or spruce wood decoration, both treated for optimal resistance to environmental conditions.
  5. Optional Electric Heater:
    • Enhance comfort in cooler months with an optional electric heater installation.
  6. Selectable Insulation:
    • Opt for insulation on the bottom and sides to optimize heat retention and minimize energy consumption.
  7. Bench Options:
    • Select between open benches for more legroom or closed benches to reduce water consumption.
  8. Massage Systems:
    • Choose between Hydro-Massage or Air Bubble Massage systems for added comfort.
  9. Sand-Water Filter with Wooden Box:
    • Opt for a sand-water filter with an attractive wooden box for both water quality optimization and aesthetic appeal.
  10. LED Lighting Options:
    • Create a mood with 2 or 4 LED lamps offering 5 color change options.
  11. WiFi Add-ons:
    • Control massage systems, filters, and electric heaters remotely with optional WiFi control.
  12. Color Options:
    • Choose from five colors for the polypropylene interior, adding a personal touch to your hot tub.
  13. External Drainage Options:
    • Easily drain the tub with an external tap, and optionally, a quick garden hose connection.

Experience the epitome of relaxation with our Square Large Hot Tubs, delivered as standard to Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, with European-wide delivery available upon request. Opt for the optional unloading from the truck for convenient setup, making your outdoor oasis a reality. Order today and elevate your outdoor experience to new heights!

Technical sheets and 3D visualizations

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  1. Louis

    Good morning Albert

    Attached are two photo’s of the Hot Tub in its final position. It is now fully operational and getting used at the weekends by me and the neighbors. Everybody very happy and I am pretty sure that I can assure that it is the mostly westerly hot tub in Europe.

    Image #1 from Louis
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