Wood fuelled hot tub with external heater

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Wood fuelled hot tub with external heater

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Relax in Our Popular Wood-Fuelled Hot Tub with External Heater – A Coveted Model on the Market!

Indulge in the ultimate bathing experience with our sought-after hot tub featuring an external wood-fired heater. Why choose the model with an external wood heater? The heating process is highly efficient and quick, providing ample space within the hot tub. The fiberglass insert ensures easy maintenance and maximum relaxation.

Key Features:

  1. Efficient External Heating: Experience an efficient and rapid heating process with the external wood-fired heater, offering additional space in the hot tub.
  2. Fiberglass Insert for Easy Maintenance: The fiberglass insert not only simplifies maintenance but also enhances your relaxation experience.
  3. Size and Wood Options: Choose from two sizes with internal diameters of 180 and 200 cm. Personalize your hot tub with perfect wood decoration options in three types: spruce, larch, and thermowood.
  4. Comprehensive Delivery: The delivery includes a convenient A-type wooden staircase and a wooden paddle for water stirring.
  5. Heating Options: Opt for an external wood-fired heater, electric heating device, or gas heater for the external heating system.
  6. Cover Choices: Select from three types of covers – wood, fiberglass, and insulated leather cladding. Bottom and side insulation are included.
  7. Customization with Massage Systems: Personalize your hot tub with a Hydro-Massage system, Air Bubble Massage system, or a combination of both. Choose a sand-water filter delivered in a beautiful wooden box.
  8. Atmospheric Lighting Options: Decide between 2 or 4 LEDs with five different color-changing options to create the perfect ambiance.
  9. Smart Control with Optional WIFI Add-ons: Optionally install WIFI add-ons to conveniently control devices such as massage systems, filters, and electric heaters. Useful in winter, WIFI add-ons allow setting a water circulation plan to prevent freezing.
  10. Fiberglass Interior Colors: The fiberglass interior is available in the three most popular colors: White, Gray, and Blue. Other colors are available upon request.
  11. Convenient Draining Options: An external water tap for drainage is provided, with an optional additional connection for a garden hose.

Unwind and Enjoy Your New Wood-Fuelled Hot Tub with External Heater!

Technical sheets and 3D visualizations

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Hot Tub 3d Expand (2)

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8 reviews for Wood fuelled hot tub with external heater

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  1. Jackie

    Hello Albertas

    Yes we have used the spa with the wood burner thank you, and it’s lovely. I thought photos of it with lights and bubbles in action would be best. However, here is the first photo taken by my husband… showing mostly the view rather than the tub.

    More to follow…

    Image #1 from Jackie
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  2. Michael

    Longer delivery time because of covid19 but it was worth waiting for this high quality hottub. Enjoy!

    Image #1 from Michael
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  3. Luis

    Dear Albert and Timberin Team, I hope you’re well. I send some photos of the SPA. The installation was delayed because the technician must be out for a few weeks. We wanted to put grass around and so we had to wait for the laying and the grass to consolidate. At this moment we only need to connect the Blue Lagoon system. Meanwhile I and my daughters have already tried and we loved! Congratulations and I will recommend you to everyone I know here! Best regards, Luis

    Image #1 from Luis
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  4. Lawrence

    Please find attached photos of out new hot tub. We have put the wood burner inside our garden room with the pipes going through the wall to the hot tub, so it heats the room and the hot tub.
    So far very pleased with it- the man who delivered it was excellent and very helpful

    Image #1 from Lawrence
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  5. Fran and David

    Hello Evelina,

    Here are some pictures of our hot tub. We are very pleased with its performance, the wood -burner heats the water quickly and the electric heater maintains the temperature over an extended period if required . This was the only wooden tub we could find with insulation and we’re impressed that it holds its temperature well when both heaters are off. Throughout the process of ordering and delivery we were kept informed promptly with help and information.
    We are happy for you to use the photos and the above statement for your customers. We’ve added a small modification as you will see from the photo of lid. The rim of the lid was scratching the edge of the tub so we slit some alkathene pipe of the same colour and attached it, with good results. We’ve also attached two stainless steel wires to stabilise the high chimney and protect it from strong winds.

    Regards, Fran and David

    Image #1 from Fran and David
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  6. Tania

    Dear Albert

    Thank you so much for our hot tub. We absolutely love it. It is really high quality and we are delighted. It was worth the wait and your amazing team kept us up-to-date all the way along so we were not worried by the delays. It was a little nerve wracking sending money across to Europe but lots of your other customers had written on their reviews that it all worked out well and and we too were very happy in the end. We just had to pay import VAT into the UK because of Brexit but again we were expecting that. Here are some photographs. Thank you again to you and your team for everything


    Image #1 from Tania
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  7. Alan

    We have, indeed, installed our spa… and we absolutely love it. The build quality and standard of materials are even better than we had hoped. The fact that we could order the spa without pumps or air jets was also fantastic; this way we can simply sit in lovely warm water and enjoy the peaceful Scottish Highlands with as little background noise as possible.

    Thank you and all of your staff for making such a good quality product,

    Image #1 from Alan
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  8. Adam

    Everything is fine! Delivery was perfect and the driver helped us install the tub in the target place.
    The product as such is also great. We had the opportunity to use it the first time yesterday. The only issue is to keep water temperature on the desired level – we made it too high :-).
    All the best in New Year,

    Image #1 from Adam
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