If there is one thing I can say about TimberIN, it is thanks for the outstanding service. The whole experience from ordering to delivery went down without problems!

The hot tub we ordered is just for two, but it suits the area that we had to install it in, and it is definitely fun for two, and it looks great in respect of the major deck replacement we had to do prior to delivery.

Yes, there might be some concerns about ordering big ticket items from Eastern Europe, but we had none with the TimberIN team, the workmanship is quality and we only had one minor problem in powering up the tub, due to me being in a hurry.

I highly recommend that before you order. Please consult a qualified electrician regarding the amperage rating of your house mains power panel. We had to change the tub water heater to a lower Kilowatt rating due to the Max rating of 16 amps of our mains panel.

In closing, and in speaking as a retired Medical systems Engineer. You can’t go wrong with TimberIN!

Thanks to you Albert and the the team!


Oval Hot Tub For 2 Persons With Fiberglass Liner, Geoffrey And Sandra, Dörflingen, Schwitzerland (1)

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